Load up your lunch with this AWESOME (Beanfields!) giveaway

Last month you may or may not have seen my review on the vegan chip brand "Beanfields." (AKA the most magical vegan chip in the Universe). If you didn't see it yet, you should go read it, but whatevs, I'll give you a quick low down on the company again!

Beanfields is a family-owned snack company that wants to make good food for good people! They want to leave a lighter foot print, all while making a delicious VEGAN chip. They have seven ridiculously amazing varieties: unsalted, sea salt, salt and pepper, barbecue, pico de gallo, RANCH and NACHO!!!!!  Yeah, you'll basically never think about Doritos again, they're that good.

In addition to be utterly delicious, they're also way more stacked than your run-of-the-mill chip. They're also a complete protein (hello beans and rice in chip form), they've got more protein and fiber in one ounce than a tortilla chip, potato chip or egg, and they're FREE of the eight most common allergens. Oh, and did I mention they're CERTIFIED gluten free too? Yeah, so you basically have no reason not to run out and by these in hoards. For reals, HOARDS.

They also come in two tasty sizes: the "shareable" 6oz bag and the pack-in-your-lunch 1.5 oz bag. We sent Pearyn off to preschool with a small bag and they were more than enough for her to snack on and have a little leftover for an afterschool tidbit.

And because Beanfields is such an awesome company AND you're getting ready to send your kiddo (or yourself!) back to school, they have generously and graciously offered to let me host a giveaway for one lucky reader to receive their very own CASE (yes, you read that right, 24 1.5 oz bags of these awesome chips) for FREE!

Seriously, you have no excuse to not blow up social media with this killer giveaway, because if you haven't tried these chips yet, you need to. And if you have tried them, then you know you want more.

To enter, simply follow the instructions through the Rafflecopter widget! You can earn more entries by liking Chubby Vegan Mom on Facebook, Twitter, leaving a comment on the blog about what YOUR favorite school lunch was and by tweeting it out!

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  1. I always liked the "thanksgiving" dinners we had in school. Terrible I'm sure, but delicious!

  2. I loved a mustard and cheese sandwich with chips inside. SO healthy . . .

  3. Ooh, awesome giveaway. I love Beanfield's and can't buy them around here! I always loved getting cheese fries from the Rockin' Raider Cafe at school (like the fast food counter in our lunchroom). I wasn't vegan then, but I was vegetarian. Unfortunately, I lived on things like liquid cheese and fries. But hey, I survived! :-)

    1. Also, my email is bphillips@memphisflyer.com if you need that for entry.

  4. My favorite lunch was hummus and taboule sandwiches.

  5. I loved when my school had brunch for lunch… I loved me some of those french toast sticks!

  6. I used to love peanut butter and fluff in elementary school, and in middle school I ate these deep dish mini pizzas they sold in the cafeteria. Now I cringe just thinking about having to eat either haha

  7. It shames me to say this, but I used to love the days when we had turkey and stuffing. It would entail two perfectly formed balls, one comprised of pre-fab mashed potatoes and the other of stuffing mixed with chunks of turkey. Then, both of them were covered by a gravy that was of a yellow that could not have occurred naturally. Of course there would also be a fluffy roll with butter and some sort of vegetable (usually corn). I still love the pre-fab mashed potatoes, and now make a vegan stuffing, and it comes pretty darn close (even if the gravy never gets as yellow as I remember).

  8. i went to school in Ukraine so we had to buy lunch at school. my favorite was pierogies!

  9. In high school I used to almost always choose the hamburger. (Way before my veganism kicked in.) It was this "thing" wrapped in plastic. Now of course I can't believe I ate that most every day! Well, unless there was pizza.

  10. I literally NEVER bought cafeteria lunch as my momma was always over-enthused to make me a lunch. I'd request a PB&J every day. I literally had a PB&J everyday for lunch ALL throughout high school! And on the few days my mom would give me money for the cafeteria, I'd buy a Smucker's Uncrustable! HA!