Vegan Beanfields chips, lick-the-bag good

So a few weeks ago I was hanging out reading some emails, when I came across a super awesome one from the marketing director for Beanfields chips. She was a fan of my blog, a mom herself and wanted to know if i had any interest in reviewing some chips. (Clearly I did a small dance of joy and then replied back a resounding 'heck yes!')

Here's the dealio. My family has had a few Beanfields chips before. (Just the sea salt variety at a party one time). And they were good. They were crunchy. And yummy with salsa. But I didn't realize the whole spread of flavors Beanfields offers.

The entirely VEGAN spread of flavors.

A couple days later a large box appeared at my doorstep. I received the mecca of all delicious vegan goods, I just didn't know it yet. Not knowing what it was or who it was from, I got out my trusty box cutter and opened it up. And guess what was inside? The most delicious snack I've eaten. For reals, folks.

Yep. I received the mecca of vegan chips. And let me tell you, whether they sent me one bag or 900, my opinion of these would remain the same. These are the only chips you'll ever need to eat again. The beauty of the package I received was they came complete with Beanfields' assortment of flavors and we got the regular "shareable" size (I use quotes because they're so delicious you won't want to share them), plus the pack-in-a-lunch, "fun" size.

Now, let's get the deets on these fabulous chips. There are seven mouth-watering varieties: unsalted, sea salt, salt and pepper, barbecue, pico de gallo, RANCH and NACHO!!!!! I'm sorry, did you read that? RANCH AND NACHO CHIPS, VEGAN, VEGAN RANCH AND NACHO CHIPS. Yeah, you'll basically never think about Doritos again, they're that good.

So are you ready for the surprising part? Despite everything I thought, my absolute favorite of these chips was the pico de gallo. Don't get me wrong, I loved and ate every last crumb of the ranch and nacho flavors (heck, I might have even licked the bag, don't judge), but the pico de gallo was so complex and delicious and amazing. Right after that would have to be ranch and then the nacho ones, but that's mainly because of my taste profile, not because the chips weren't all equally delish. Also, no worry about getting those straggler chips that seem to have NO flavor on them whatsoever, these bad boys were covered in deliciousness. All of em.

We put them up to the real taste test, our picky-eater Pear Bear, and packed some in her lunch for preschool. She gobbled the barbecue ones right up.

The best part? These aren't just amazingly good, they're also a complete protein (hello beans and rice in chip form), they've got more protein and fiber in one ounce than a tortilla chip, potato chip or egg (ew), and they're FREE of the eight most common allergens. Oh, and did I mention they're CERTIFIED gluten free too? Yeah, so you basically have no reason not to run out and by these in hoards. Legit people, HOARDS.

After we ran through our supply, I started googling to find out where I could find them in a store by me. We have a few varieties in the health food section of big stores and the health food stores themselves, but even if you can't find them in your area you can order them on the Beanfields website. You purchase them in a case of either 12 large bags or 24 small bags, and you can even customize them as to what kinds you want. Which you totally should, because if you didn't read up there, they're DELICIOUS. Once you factor in shipping and handling, you're around $4 a bag for the large ones, which, believe me, is a steal!

Are you familiar with Beanfields? What is your favorite flavor or which one are you dying to try now?

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  1. Your so right! The ranch ones changed my life, i swear!

  2. I LOVE Beanfield's!! That is an awesome review box score!! Nacho is my fave with ranch in a close second. But I also REALLY love the barbecue!

  3. OMG WE LOVE THE NACHO. Its like we never lost our doritos!