Taking it SLOW... with savory bars for fast lives!

A few weeks ago I got an email asking me if our Chubby Vegan Clan would like to test out some awesome vegan bars on the market. But these weren't just your run-of-the-mill bars, rather than the chocolate and peanut butter protein bars we've all come to know and love, SLOW bars have savory flavors that are designed to not only taste good, but nourish you as well.

Now, it's no secret that I've got a massive sweet tooth, so I was a bit hesitant at the idea of a "savory" bar. But I'm also a massive fan of different cuisines, like Indian and Thai, which happen to be two different flavors offered by SLOW Food for Fast Lives. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when these bad boys arrived on my doorstep.

SLOW bars come in four different flavors, California, Indian, Thai and Moroccan. Each one has a very different taste, but they all follow the same premise: great ingredients, great taste and great for you. Even better part? Each bar has less than 200 calories in it, is gluten-free AND you can read ALL the ingredients. Yeah, for real, there wasn't one ingredient on these bars that I didn't recognize. Talk about a home run!

In full disclosure, the Indian, Thai and Moroccan bar are all 100% vegan safe. The California bar does have honey in it. I'm not here to debate about honey with you. I know vegans who still consume it if it's in something, but not just by the spoonful, I know some vegans who avoid it like the plague. I'm just giving everyone the scoop ahead of time. The California bar has quinoa and pomegranate, in addition to some almond butter to get things sticky and only 19 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein! That's a winner!

Onto my absolute favorite - the Indian bar. Oh my goodness is this thing delicious. It took everything I adore about Indian food and put it into a bite-sized, carry-around-in-my-pocket, Indian feast. It's flavor profile is chock full of cumin, coconut and cashews. This little bar even has some cauliflower AND lentils in it, crazy, right? It's only 180 calories and because of the savory flavors, I actually felt satisfied after consuming this, unlike some of the sweeter bars where i just want to eat 100 more. (Side note, this was also a favorite of Pearyn's. That's right, my four-year-old toddler was all about this bar.)

My next favorite was definitely the Thai bar, which, is to be expected since it's one of my favorite cuisines. It's flavors are driven by peanut and chili, which is probably why Chubby Vegan Dad gobbled this one up too. It's also got brown rice and bell peppers, which made it probably the most savory of all the bars. While it's not really spicy, Pearyn did feel like it was "too warm" for her.

And lastly, the Moroccan bar. This is the one I knew the least about, but with ingredients like ginger, carrots and pistachios, I was looking forward to this one. And I'll just say this: if this is a sample of what Moroccan really tastes like, then I need to get myself some of this food on the giddy up. This was Chubby Vegan Dad's favorite by far, I think it's because of the ginger, though. This bar only packs 170 calories and has 4 grams of protein. Chubby Vegan Son also preferred this bar, so it's safe to say the savory snacks were a hit with our little ones.

Perhaps the most awesome part about these bars is the drive behind them. In a day and age when it's all about fast food and not enough time, these are the kind of bars that provide you the convenience of a quick snack, but NOT at the cost of good ingredients and nutrition. SLOW bars are making their way through the U.S., mainly available in retailers on the west coast and throughout the plains. BUT that doesn't matter because you can order them from the comfort of your own home. A box of 12 bars costs you $29.99, which is pretty fair considering the tender love and care that goes into these babies.

Still not sure if you're ready to take the plunge into savory bars? Well, I've got the perfect way to dip your toes in the water! SLOW Food for Fast Lives was kind enough to offer a sampler box of their four flavors for a giveaway! Trust me friends, this is something you totally want to win!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog telling me what YOUR favorite cuisine is and why. (Make sure to leave an email so I can contact you if you're our winner!) For additional entries, feel free to leave a comment on my Facebook giveaway post. Also, you can get a bonus entry by sharing the Facebook status to your friends! And just because we don't want Twitter to feel lonely, you can tweet this out to your tweeps and spread the love! "I want to win #vegan savory snack bars by @slowfoodforfast and so can you! http://www.chubbyveganmom.com/2014/06/taking-it-slow-with-savory-bars-for.html"

What are you waiting for, hurry up and enter!

A winner will be selected Monday, because, who doesn't need an awesome pick me up and the beginning of the week?

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  1. Oh I hate the usual sweet bars, these look right up my alley! My favorite cuisine is mexican, maybe they can make a bar for that soon too?? shelleydandy347@yahoo.com

  2. I'm with you. My favorite cuisine is Indian, but I didn't even discover it until I was in college! Heatherfeather12@gmail.com

  3. I love Indian food - the flavor profiles are incredible.

  4. Thai, I think, with Indian a close second.

  5. Korean is my favorite! Japanese a close second.
    I'd love to try these out, fluerdumal@gmail.com

  6. I'm a fan of African cuisine, super earthy and flavorful. Therealemma@yahoo.com :)

  7. I like Italian best, not sure that would work as a bar though! Jeffreys67@gmail.com

  8. Hmmm. This is tough, but I would have to say it's a toss up between Mexican and Thai.

  9. Despite not having tried a wide variety of it, I have a great fondness for Persian food...

  10. My favorite cuisine is Indian- curry and a roti. Can that be put in a bar? veganlifeinparadise@gmail.com