Win the must-have vegan movie of 2014

I faced my first genuinely uncomfortable battle over veganism almost seven years ago, just shortly after making the transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle. I was working at a law firm as a case manager and generally ate my lunch at my desk, which was within walking distance past one other case manager, the senior lawyer and one junior associate.

The senior lawyer was an incredibly arrogant man, one who could argue with you the sky was red (even though it's blatantly blue) and win. He was overly critical of anyone who strayed to far from the conservative pathway, commanding and overly demanding. 

And to make matters worse, he was always right. 

After only a few short months of working at the law firm, I made my switch to veganism. And like many new vegans, I found myself walking around on metaphorical egg shells to make sure people didn't find out what I "was" and why. My nightmare was being stuck in an epic battle over why I went vegan, only to lose, and in turn, gain nothing from my lifestyle change. 

So it's fair to say I tip-toed around the office, And this worked, for a few months. Until Mr. Dictator noticed all the salads "with dressing on the side" I'd been ordering. He noticed the wings I turned down and the cookies that went neglected. I clearly wasn't dieting because I wasn't losing any weight, so what was going on? Finally one day he brought up my "eating habits" while we were all eating lunch. He commented on why I wouldn't just have a burger already. How could I live on "just rabbit food." 

I finally told him I was vegan. I also told him I didn't want to discuss it any further. But alas, that never seems to happen, does it. We had a heated debate, and when I say debate, I mean her verbally disciplined me on the "error of my way." On what "poor judgement I had." There was no debate at all. In his eyes, animals were made to be eaten, so I was just crazy.

We've all had these scenarios. Sometimes it feels like vegans vs the world, or, in some instances, vegans vs vegans. And that's precisely what makes Eric Sharpio's movie, "Living Things: A Vegan Vs Meat Debate" so damn compelling. 

In "Living Things," a vegan yoga instructor finds herself alone at the dinner table with her father in law. She finds herself in an epic battle to not only explain her way of life, but to try and give her relative a new outlook on the way he fills his plate. 

There is so much to love about this film, the most refreshing thing might be that unlike my first head-to-head with critique from a nonvegan, there doesn't really feel like a "good guy" or "bad guy" in this movie. Both characters are perfectly developed, incredibly passionate in their stance and beautifully flawed (like all humans are). And this isn't your run-of-the-mill vegan vs meat debate, these two characters are so passionate that you see moments of breakdown, moments of humanity. Unlike some vegan documentaries or films, this doesn't just beat you over the head with facts, this takes you on a trip with two human beings that you totally become involved with. 

It's got pokey jabs of humor, gut-wrenching drama and at the end, a lot of you will be wondering, what the heck just happened. (I don't want to spoil it for you, you need to see this for yourself!) And it's got the endorsement of PETA behind it, too! 

Ideally, vegetarians and vegans are going to really dig this. But I think people out there willing (and wanting) to see "the other side" or to raise their social awareness, will get a lot out of this movie. 

And speaking of getting a lot out of this movie, have I mentioned Cinema Libre Studio has very generously provided me with three copies to give away to my readers!? Yeah, a free, kick-butt, vegan-centric movie, what's not to want? 

So, ready to win it? I've got some awesome news for you! There are multiple ways to win! You may notice we've made some changes to the Chubby Vegan Mom webpage. Now, you can comment with your Facebook name OR through the regular ole' comments section. That means, for this giveaway, you can enter TWICE just by leaving a comment on each platform. 

This contest is closed!

In the event you can't wait to win this movie, it is available on hulu now! 

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  1. I always bring a roasted apple and sage stuffing! People seem to think stuffing is solely reserved for Thanksgiving but I always receive compliments on it! Jennylee87@gmail.com =)

  2. I like to bring dips. Dinner usually takes a while anyway, so everyone likes to snack on something beforehand. My favorite is a spinach artichoke one. Sarahswilley294@yahoo.com

  3. I like to bring some spinach and artichoke dip (vegan recipe) and tortilla chips. It is really good and everyone loves it. My favorite part is of course at the end telling them it is vegan when they ask for the recipe! I haven't heard of this movie yet so thanks for letting me know about it!

  4. I haven't been to many parties lately, but a did make banana bread for my daughter's preschool class. I know it was good because the kids asked for seconds, and several moms asked for the recipe. The looks on the moms faces when I told them it was a vegan low-fat low sugar version were priceless. :)

  5. I would bring some finger food, like little pizzette made with puff pastry and tomato sauce or hummus. They're always a hit!

  6. Black Bean Chili Dip with chips (recipe from Oh She Glows blog). All the meat-loving guys gobble this stuff up, not just my health-conscious girlfriends :)

    1. Jennifer you were a winner of this DVD! Send me an email to amanda@chubbyveganmom.com with your address and we'll get a copy out to you! :)

  7. We always bring desserts! That's our contribution to basically anything, dinner party or not! ;) lainey3987@gmail.com

  8. I try to make asomething in the crock pot. Easy to whip together and bring! Ashleymc1742@yahoo.com

  9. I like to bring mashed sweet potatoes, if it's an actual food party and not just snacky things. A lot of people are surprised that I use sweet potatoes exactly like white potatoes - add almond milk, olive oil or margarine, and salt and pepper. So many people think you have to use sweet ingredients with sweet potatoes, like sugar, cinnamon, etc. But sweet potatoes mashed up just like white mashed potatoes are super good!

  10. I like to bring a big salad. I know it sounds lame, but I usually do a layer one with fruit and some kind of homemade dressing, chick peas or beans and those crunchy type noodle things. Krystalann213@yahoo.com