Who wants to win a kickass cookbook?

You'll have to excuse me. I haven't been nearly as attentive to my blog lately as I should be. What can I say? April and May seem to be super busy months for our household. Between my work trip (which was awesome), my birthday (last one in the 20s) and then preparing for Pearyn's party (she'll be four on Saturday), I usually spend my free time chasing the kiddos around and then the kid-free time sleeping.

I like my sleep.

But I've got some coffee in me and I'm ready to hop back on the blog-a-heck-of-a-lot-more train! And because I've got such super duper fans, I'm going to give you something free!

While there are a lot of staples in the Chubby Vegan kitchen, there is one thing that I'm always adding to: my stack of ever-growing cookbooks. I've got everything from the 1980s Book of Tofu to some of my modern personal favorites, Betty Goes Vegan and Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. And I am always looking for my next faves.

When I got an email asking if I'd like to look through and give my awesome audience a copy of Wheeler del Torro's recently-released Fillet of Soul: AfroVegan, I was super pumped. If there's one area my cookbook collection is lacking in it's most definitely International flair and flavor.

So far, this cookbook is right on the money. It's got unique dishes with easy-to-find ingredients, like my favorite, golden beet tartare. And unlike some cookbooks, this one is loaded with pictures and a reader-friendly layout. You've got the straight-forward recipe, easy-to-follow instructions, bright photos and pull outs with different tips and facts spruced throughout.

This cookbook not only standouts from my others, but compliments them in a different way too. I can see many of these recipes being used for parties with friends. The dishes are grown up, but fun, and don't just give you a taste of the Caribbean, but some education about the area and cool facts.

So are you ready to win?

I thought so!

It's pretty simple and there are THREE ways to do it! Follow Chubby Vegan Mom on Twitter and share this message "I want to win a copy of Afro Vegan and you can too! http://ow.ly/wCurw @chubbyveganmom"

For another chance to win, leave a comment on the blog telling me your favorite international dish to make! Cause, I could use some more ideas! Make sure to leave an email if this is how you enter, so I can reach you if you're the lucky winner!

And because third time is a charm, head on over to Chubby Vegan Mom on Facebook (yeah, we've got a Facebook!), like us and share out the post about this contest!

A winner will be announced on Monday morning, because we all need a pick me up at the beginning of the week, right!?

So, what are you waiting for, win this book!

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  1. This got great reviews on Amazon, I so want a copy. We make a vegan version of "dirty rice." I don't know if its international but its definitely something different for our family! chelseabean@gmail.com =)

  2. His other cook book is pretty good too, but not for newbies! I really like his writing style and that he often gives a history of the dishes! Glad you are back, worried about you.

  3. My favorite is Tandoori Tender Bits with Persian Rice and Potatoes (adapted from a couple of different recipes and with the help of my friend from Iran...). Sooo yummy!

    wickedliz at hotmail dot com

  4. My friend Cassi reviewed this book on her blog recently, and she invited me over to try the dish she made (a black-eyed pea & avocado salad). So good! I'd love to win a copy. As for fave international dish, I'd say Ethiopian injera bread with the red lentil or yellow split dish (I think it's called a w'at).

    One little correction: This book, Filet of Soul: Afro Vegan, is by Wheeler del Torro, not Bryant Terry. It's totally confusing bc Bryant just released a book called Afro Vegan as well. But it has a different cover and premise. He sent me that one to review (but I haven't posted it yet).

    1. Apparently I didn't have ENOUGH coffee ;) Thanks!

  5. Oh this book sounds awesome! One of my favorite things to make is kind of a version of Japanese nabe. Nabe is usually vegetables and meats, and sometimes noodles, cooked in hot water or fish broth. Then the whole pot is brought to the table and set on a heating pad to keep it nearly boiling-hot. Everyone just digs in and takes out chunks with their chopsticks.

    I like to make a version of it with udon noodles, fried tofu, cherry tomatoes, leeks, and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) cooked in veggie broth, with miso added at the end. And I usually just put it in a bowl because it'll stay plenty hot while I slurp it all down. I ate it all the time suffering through Japanese winter! It's so good. I actually call it lazy soup because it's so easy to make. I have yet to find the same version of fried tofu here that I ate in Japan, but the one I've found in the US is ok, too. YUM. Very satisfying and filling.

  6. I made one of the tastiest middle eastern dishes i've had in ages last week! It's basically a full aubergine cut in half and braised for about 30 minutes with chopped onions, garlic, olive oil and sone water, served with a spicy brown rice serving.

  7. My favorite thing to make lately is Pasta e Fagioli...light, easy and shareable. :)

  8. Pad Thai has to be one of my favorites!

  9. I love to cook curries and sushi!

  10. This looks like such a great cookbook!

  11. My favorite international dishes to make are usually some sort of Asian - either a Chinese style stir fry, or an Indian style curry!