My boobs can be whatever I want them to be

I'm going to go ahead and come out of the closet on this issue here.

As a woman, I have boobs. I know, I know, let me wait a minute and let that sink in with y'all.

Something you should probably know about my boobs - because there is something I think strangers should know about my boobs - they're one of the few body parts I don't worry about. For the most part, I'm happy with them.

So, I have boobs. And I like my boobs. I like the way they look in my swimsuit, in my bra, in a tank top, in a shirt. Hell, I even like them in a sweatshirt.

But in addition to boosting my body esteem, they also perform tricks!

I fed my babies with them.

Multi-functional, for the win!

Ok, you might be wondering ... why all the boob talk? I mean you probably have boobs or like people who have boobs, but why am I blogging about them?

Yesterday one of my friends posted something on her Facebook. She's about a jillion weeks pregnant and plans on breastfeeding, so she shared this picture from a breastfeeding page. It was a meme with two ladies (who are either teenagers or adults who look like them), talking about where their boobs belonged. (I know, I was flabbergasted too, because I'm pretty sure I know where my boobs belong).

On my chest.

Where they're currently located.

But according to this Facebook audience, there are apparently a number of things people think I should and shouldn't be doing with MY boobs. Above is just a small sampling of what was being said, but it basically left me saying, WTF?

Who knew for 29 years I'd been doing the wrong things with my boobs!

Now, let's establish this first:  I'm SO completely in favor of breastfeeding. Anywhere, anytime, on your head, in a plane, with eight boobs or just one. Whatev. If a lady wants to feed her child with her boobs, rock on sista, go for it.

Consequently, here, my boobs were hot AND food! 
Next, let me say this: I'm SO completely in favor of cleavage. Perhaps not anywhere, anytime (I think I'll keep these bad boys in my shirt when I'm coaching my daughter's t-ball team), but when the occasion arises, like a date night out with my husband and friends, I'm going to dress in the way that makes me feel good about myself, happy, pretty, hot, whatever the heck I want. And as a lady with an ample bosom, that often includes cleavage.

So why do I feel the need to talk about my stance on boobs? Mainly because I'm scared by the comments I read on Facebook. We seem to be utterly divided when it comes to what boobs are for: are they hot, hot, sex objects or do they feed our babies?

I love that breastfeeding is making a comeback. This generation of mommies is ALL about figuring out what works best for THEIR family. And if breastfeeding is what works best for you, then power to you. Let your boobs fly high and feed your babies wherever you want, you have that right. I really, really support that.

But I don't like the mentality that it's ALL they're for. It's awesome that we can provide nutrition for our kiddos, but by allowing them to ONLY be viewed as food objects is disrespectful in its own rights.

Look, I get it. I understand "sexualizing" them makes it seem like an uphill battle if we want to breastfeed in public without causing a stir. But how little do we think of our society that we can't possibly wrap our brains around the idea that boobs can be hot sexy cleavage AND food? Instead of changing what we do, why can't we better sculpt people's minds.

And guess what? I was a teenager once. I had boobs then. I saw people breastfeed. I looked for a minute. I wasn't grossed out, wasn't turned on, I was simply curious.

And know what else? Once I was a mother who actually breastfed her babies herself, I saw people breastfeed. I looked for a minute. I wasn't grossed out, wasn't turned on, I was simply curious. Were they doing a different hold that was better than mine? Any tips I could pick up on?

I mean, seriously, to think keeping our boobies in our shirts is going to stop people from being uncomfortable with breastfeeding is wishful thinking. It might help, sure. But is it worth squashing a woman's right to choose what she wears on her body to MAYBE change a few minds? Isn't that dangerous territory we're lurking in?

And what about the people who don't want to breastfeed? What if my daughter doesn't want to? Isn't teaching people that the female body is solely a vessel to birth children and feed them just as damaging as training girls to think it's only how BEAUTIFUL their body is that makes them worthwhile?

I'm proud of my boobs. I'm proud that they were able to feed babies, but in turn, also help me feel sexier as well. I understand not everyone feels that way about boobs.

Perhaps you don't like my cleavage, don't want to see it. That's fine. Don't look at it. Don't look at me.

Or perhaps, you don't like my breastfeeding, don't want to see it. That's fine. Don't look at it. Don't look at me.

Funny, isn't it? How that sentence works perfectly for both issues.

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  1. Yes! Thank you! I feel like there's this swing happening where by attempting to make one thing ok, we totally blast another. Why can't breasts be as multifaceted as the people who have them? This isn't the only example of this; I feel like it's happening a lot right now, but maybe it's always been happening and I just haven't noticed.

    1. I feel the same way, but maybe you're right, maybe I was never privy to this stuff because it didn't pertain to me. But boy, it seriously feels like anytime we have a movement these days it's one step forward and like 8 back!

  2. I just love you more and more all the time. :) And by the way, the woman in the bottom meme is Laci Green - she is this amazingly sex-positive wonderful educator and video-maker and activist. Here's the link to her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lacigreen

    1. Thank you SO much for the info, I checked out her site and she is seriously awesome. I always need more girl power in my life! :)