Cake balls are for masochists

Our darling little lady turned four on Saturday! It was utterly fantastic, exciting, devastating and gut wrenching ALL at once. I really thought I would get used to my kids growing up eventually, but so far it just reminds me how fleeting these sweet little moments really are.

I mean seriously, seriously fleeting.

We had an incredibly busy weekend. I took the day off Friday from work to make sure I could finish collecting everything I needed. Because of my creative nature and strange 1950s desire to be the perfect hostess, when we throw birthday parties we like to step up our game.

And because I already had a bazillion cupcake to tackle for the party, I got the idea in my head on Thursday that I'd just make cake balls for Pearyn to take in for her class on Friday.

You know, because they're quick and less meticulous than piping frosting and sprinkles onto a bunch of cupcakes, right?

WRONG. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I've only made these little bad boys maybe four times in my life, and every time I forget how damn frustrating those little cake spheres of deliciousness are.

I mean seriously, who the hell actually enjoys making those things? They either end up too soft and slide off the sticks or they end up with an awkward flat side from laying them out on a sheet pan and then putting the sticks in. Obviously some people out there are successful in making them considering every bakery and their mother sells them, they've just somehow escaped my ability.

Lucky for me, four-year-old children don't seem to care what smashed up cake and icing dipped in vegan chocolate look like, they just want to shove them in their mouths! So while you won't see a recipe for these on my blog anytime soon, just be comforted in knowing it is possible to make vegan cake balls, I just don't have the capable hands!

And because last week was also Teacher Appreciation Week, we put together a quick little "thank you" for the teachers at Pear's preschool in addition to all that birthday preparation. We didn't do anything over the top, just a little note for being awesome and some hand sanitizer. It may not seem like much, but at least it lets them know how thankful we are for taking on the task of hanging out with a bunch of other people's kiddos all day.

Seriously, teachers deserve support and praise - and preschool teachers deserve support and praise and cupcakes. And hugs. And bags of money.

And while I've got oodles of fun stuff to report on the princess Pearyn bash, now is not the time or place. Mainly because I'm still getting over my epic cake ball failure and because I've got a fabulous announcement to make!

Lots of you shared, liked, tweeted and commented on the blog post to win Fillet of the Soul: Afro Vegan by Wheeler del Torro, and it's time to congratulate our winner! Courtesy of a random selection generator, Lydia G. was the very lucky winner!

But don't despair friends, I've still got a couple awesome products up my sleeve to giveaway, so check back soon when I announce the next awesome product!

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  1. I love that our kiddos don't care half as much about cake perfection as we do, they just care that they taste good. Happy Birthday to Pearyn!

    1. You are SO right. Pearyn tells me she wants to make things "Pear pretty" not "mommy pretty." :)