Go "Green" (BEAN) without even leaving the house


It's good for you, it's kind of awesome, but it's also super expensive, right?

Well, not exactly. 

I'm not going to tell you that eating organic costs the same as non-organic food, because that's just not the truth. But the claim that everything organic is going to make you go broke is also just not correct. 

Case and point, Green BEAN Delivery. 

Haven't heard of it? Well, if you live in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky or Missouri you should probably hop onto the Green BEAN Delivery website and see if they deliver in your area today! This service is something that is sorely needed all across the nation. 

Not familiar with it? It's pretty simple.

Green BEAN delivers organic produce and natural groceries to your door, weekly or bi-weekly,  year round! Even better? There's no crazy delivery fee!

We've taken part in local food co-ops and area farm delivery services before, and honestly they were great.

But we ran into some snafus with them, things like trying to customize orders for certain fruits made it more expensive, the off season made it difficult, all we had at our disposal was produce (meat or dairy, which we don't do, obviously). And I'm happy to report, what they were missing, Green BEAN delivers! 

It all starts with a produce bin. You've got lots of options, ranging from a small one for $28 that you add groceries to, a $35 "small" bin for 2-3 people, a medium fruit and veggie bin for $42, a fruit-only bin for $42 and a large fruit and veggie bin for $49 suitable for four or more! 

The best part? You can customize these to fit your family needs! Take for example the small produce bin, for $35, might start out something like this: one head of romaine lettuce, one cucumber, one lemon, one bunch bananas (three), four apples, four mandarin oranges, one bunch of carrots, one pound berries, one pint peppers, one bunch of broccoli, one bunch of radishes. Yeah, that's a GOOD amount of produce! 

But our kids aren't crazy about some of that stuff, so we were able to change things up. Instead of radishes we got an extra bunch of bananas. We got another head of broccoli instead of carrots. 

And there's no need to worry about "what if I pick a piece of produce that's too expensive for my swap?" When you choose to subtract an item there will be a little message telling you "hey, you need to add something else, try the stuff with a symbol for an even exchange." And then, sure enough, when you click on the list to select a different piece of produce, you'll see them clearly labeled! 

And it doesn't stop there! In addition to produce, there's also a whole hoard of natural groceries you can add on. I was pleasantly surprised at how many different vegan items appeared on there! Things like Dr. McDougal's soups, bulk energy bites, LUNA burgers (!!!), hummus and cookies! Yeah, it was seriously refreshing to see this kind of selection. And not only are they fairly-priced, some of them are even better than store deals!

I'm also super happy to report the customer service team is seriously on the ball when it comes to helping you figure things out. I was a little confused about when my order would start arriving, so I sent them a quick email and they responded within a few hours! 

The only thing I saw during the entire system that made me a touch uneasy was when I first signed up. After filling out your information you'll see a message that says you'll receive a confirmation email about your sign-up withing three business days. 

That made me a little nervous that the team wouldn't be as responsive as might be needed, but it ended up taking only a day for me to get the email and as I said above, they were always ready and willing to help a sister out! 

I can't rave about this service enough. It's less time in the grocery store and it's high-quality products, what more could you ask for!?

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  1. We've been doing Green bean for at least six omnths now, we love it. They're always changing up the groceries they offer too. So good!

  2. I had no idea how customizable this was, will have to check it out! Thanks!