Why I think you NEED to check out Need brand

WARNING: You're about to expose yourself to unadulterated, unedited, mom-of-two, likes to eat vegan ice cream and cookies, only runs a few miles a week, chubby vegan stomach. Also, having children does something weird to your belly button. I swear. It like makes it the black hole or something.

Last month I got approached by someone from Need brand. Not sure what that is? Me either. So I googled it, naturally.

Turns out Tia and Tamara (yes, the awesome chics from the beloved 90s sitcom Sister, Sister), have hopped on the natural, crunchy parenting bandwagon. In fact, Tia has become a full-blown vegan, what, what! 

They created Need brand for mommies out there looking for personal items that are good for them, good for baby and good to the animals (aka cruelty-free). What's not to feel good about?

Right now they have two products out, Milky and Stretchy. Milky is a simple herbal tea supplement designed to help lactating mothers increase their supply. And Stretchy is an all natural, organic moisturizing cream aimed to take those pesky stretch marks away (cute and adequate name, right?).

I was lucky enough to review Stretchy (I haven't figured out yet if it's because I'm a mom or because I'm a chubby mom, I kid, I kid!), which after housing two children, going from an A-cup to a C-cup when I was 13, then a D-cup to a triple-letter bra size after having two children and just having my big ole' giant, boxy hips to begin with, well, it's safe to say I could use a could stretch mark cream .

Sure, I've tried them before. From lotiony butters to herbal concoctions it's safe to say my body has been slathered - unsuccessfully - with all the different "formulas" on the market. So when I decided to try this "moisturizer," I was more than skeptical.

But I've got some good news for ya'll. Now, did Stretchy take away all my marks, give me flawless skin and make me look 20 and toned again (haha, jokes on you, I wasn't toned when I was 20!)? No, not exactly. 

But after six weeks of use at bedtime, my stomach stretch marks that were still purply-pink after delivering my daughter almost FOUR years ago, have definitely blended into more of a flesh tone. This is quite the accomplishment for a little ole' lotion if you ask me. Are they still there? Yes. But can you see them as drastically as you could before? Heck no. That's a victory to me, you know, just in case I shed my feathers and decide to sport that string bikini this summer! 

Now, the results. Don't say you weren't warned. (These photos have not been edited in any way and reflect the results after six weeks of once-a-day use. The crappy tattoos also have not been edited in any way and reflect the poor decisions of my early twenties. Hey, I love em, what the hell). 

I can't vouch for what happens if you use it all through pregnancy, but I can say I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the before and after photos of my stomach. 

And if that's not enough to convince you to give the product a try, let me just tell you it smells DELIGHTFUL. Anytime I put it on my daughter would be following me through the house asking me why I smelled so good. I actually purchased some for myself in my stocking stuffer this year because I like the way it softens all of my skin, not just my silly ole' stretch marks. If you don't believe me, you can cruise over to the Needs site and read the kick-butt reviews there, too.

The downside to this fragrant awesomeness? It's price tag certainly leaves room to be desired, at $17.99 it's definitely on the higher range of moisturizing products. But it's cruelty-free. And I felt like I was pampering myself. And it smelled SO good, did I mention that?

The Needs brand will be expanding it's offerings this year, so stay-tuned to find out what else they have in store (literally!). 

Semi-femi Chubby Vegan Mom side note:

Now, before you go and get all "those stretch marks are your tiger stripes, you earned em,' be proud of em'" on me, let me shed a little light on my feelings about this. Am I ashamed of my stretch marks? Absolutely not. 

I don't mind my baby marks, but sometimes, the other ones dotting my body take me back to a place I'd rather not go. Being 13, changing for gym class, being covered in these stupid marks because my boobs got big too fast or because my hips expanded, it was embarrassing. Especially when half of your friends were waif-like and didn't have one on them. So there's nothing wrong with having them, but there's also nothing wrong with wanting to not have them if you don't have to. 

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  1. Oh I have the milky tea and love it. It's a bit expensive but worth it!

  2. That stuff smells divine! But is expensive. I guess that's what we get for wanting cruelty-free and high quality!

  3. I read about their brand a few months back. Guess this is a good excuse to try their stuff now!~