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I can't even fathom how it's already December 8. I swear I was just making our Thanksgiving Day microwaved feast yesterday! (I kid, I kid, none of our dishes touched the microwave, however, only one of them was homemade)!

Speaking of our Thanksgiving Day feast, I have to give mad props to Trader Joes. It's been six years since I first had any form of fake "turkey" roast and this one, unlike my first one, did not disappoint. At all. The texture was tender, not rubbery or chewy, and while the gravy it came with was just a wee bit bland, we added a touch of salt and all was right in the world again. We also had some stuffing, cauliflower "mashed" potatoes and peanut butter pie. Not bad if you consider we closed on our very first home the day before and had movers at our house 8 a.m. on Black Friday. 

Did I mention we're now homeowners? (Oh yeah, probably 497 times in the last two weeks, my bad). We've never been homeowners. We've always rented. So while the responsibility of something like a roof collapsing is scary, it's way more fun knowing we can do whatever the heck we want to this house. Pear wants orange walls in her bedroom, no more worrying about covering up the paint a year from now when we inevitably move again. We found a home in our price range in the city we were really, really trying to get into. It's got a top notch school system, access to the highway for my husband and is nestled in a neighborhood where property values have remained incredibly steady despite the less-than-stellar real estate market. 

It's a sweet little ranch with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, two fireplaces, a new kitchen and a completely finished basement, complete with an office and guest area for overnight family and a giant rec room for the babies to run around in. The outside has a bunch or trees, animal feeders and a pond with a little streaming fountain. We basically have no intention of ever moving out. EVER. 

And if moving hasn't made us busy bees, I had my yearly company work meeting to attend this past week. It's basically a three-day excursion where the entire company tries to cram a whole year's worth of "us" time in because we're all virtual. It's an utterly amazing event and the places we get to go are beautiful. This year we traveled to Tucson, Ariz., and while the temperatures were a little bit chilly, nothing else was. 

The resort we stayed at was welcoming and between a jeep trip to the mountains and a tour through the biosphere, we got to take in things we normally never would. Not to mention a team-building exercise where we put together 12 bikes to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Tucson and a ping pong tournament after dinner on Thursday.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it a million times more: I work for an absolutely phenomenal company. 

I should probably also mention that it literally takes a village to raise a child, or, in our case, it takes a grandma, an aunt, a cousin and a very patient and loving husband (I mean, he did help make them and all). 

Without the help of my family and the support of my husband, these little business trips wouldn't be possible. 

So now that I've returned to our snow-covered home, it's time to get back into blogging and start some serious unpacking. I mean we've got the basics covered, but I've got a dining room to jazz up so we can hop on the family dinner train. 

And I haven't even started to contemplate our cookie assortment for operation show everyone vegan cookies are delicious and keep this tradition going with Pearyn. What cookies are on your must-make list this year?

I hope your family is enjoying the season and squeezing in as much of the holiday spirit and family time as your sanity can stand!

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  1. Congrats on the new house. It always feels hectic around this time of year, not to mention trying to move!

  2. Your crew sure is busy!