How we spent our Chubby Vegan Christmas

Prepare for a photo bomb of all sorts.

It's Christmastime yo. And we've got my brother, sister-in-law and their three kids under our roof. So as much as I care about my virtual family, we've got to soak up all the brother-sister-cousin-niece-nephew-aunt-uncle time as we can! So rather than bore you with the details of our Christmas, let me just use a few words and a couple collages to share our holiday with you!

This was the first year Pearyn was super into the whole "elf on the shelf" phenomenon. Only, the real elf on the shelf creeps me out a little. And was packed in away in one of a gazillion boxes. So we opted for the cute and cuddly version that our kids could touch. They got into oodles of trouble; like mixing some cookies in my new mixer, trying to make a fruit smoothie and playing with the television. Speaking of trouble, Brae wanted to basically climb up the Christmas tree 24/7, so that made for an incredibly eventful holiday season.

In addition to elf on the shelf and decorating our tree we got Brae's first Christmas ornament, made some yummy holiday-themed treats and made cookies for Santa. I soaked up some gorgeous winter weather (what can I say, I was born a snow bunny) and Ry read Twas the Night Before Christmas for our fifth Christmas in a row now (his favorite tradition).

Before we turned in we made sure to leave some cookies out for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, in addition to some oats with "sparkles" to sprinkle in the yard so they could find their way. The kids woke up and opened their stockings first, while Chubby Vegan Dad made the annual tofu Christmas wreath and we waited for my parents to come over and open gifts with the kids. Pear was pretty pumped about the make-up she got in her stocking (play stuff) and probably won't have a career as a make-up artist in her future, judging by her ability to put on lip stick.

Pear was pretty excited about her art studio desk we got her and started doodling almost instantly. (Thank Heavens we had the sense to put it all together the night before). As for Braeburn and his first Christmas, he was most excited about the tofu wreath, the bows and a few of his Batman cars.

Chubby Vegan Dad spoiled me rotten by getting me my new baby (a professional Kitchenaid mixer I swore up and down I'd never use, but have actually become obsessed with), while he got a home beer brewing kit. Some of the girls and I got together and bought all of our hubbies the same beer kit with different recipes. Now the men can have a brewing day and we can gab and play with the babies.

The biggest blessing this Christmas has been having my family under one roof for an entire week. It's been difficult from time to time because my almost-one-year-old niece is a bit under the weather, but it's more than worth it to get to spend time with everyone. Watching the kids play together makes me long for a bigger family, closer family or some mystical universe where Colorado and Ohio aren't thousands of miles apart.

I hope your Christmas was as blessed and delightful as ours!

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  1. What a beautiful family! Happy holidays to yours!

  2. Merry Christmas to your family! We're ready for more delicious recipes in 2014 =)

  3. Merry belated xmas! Saw you're doing the happy project, looking forward to seeing your posts!

  4. What a sweet Christmas. Thanks for sharing all those photos. I'm all for you having a bigger family. I wish I could have more - hoping to adopt. Happy New Year!