Why we'll be microwaving our Thanksgiving feast

The Chubby Vegan Clan has got some super exciting news.

For the last three months we've seen at least 30 properties, checked out six different communities and walked through everything from a ranch to a two-and-a-half story. We made an offer and it didn't work out. 

The truth is, it wasn't our dream home. 

But the one we found just under a month ago, was. Is. We found our dream home. 

The funny thing is, it's not at all what we pictured we'd end up with. After drooling over gallant two story homes and walking through giant split levels that left us winded, our perfect Chubby Vegan family home ended up being a quaint ranch with the most awesome, super updated, ultra-finished basement. 

So while our humble abode appears to be on the smaller side above ground, we've got twice the space once you head downstairs.

The best part about the house we ended up with? With all that finished space on the lower level (and a second fireplace!), we'll actually have a presentable looking home. People will be able to walk into our home and have no idea that we've got two kids and an overflowing, surplus of toys. (Because they'll all be hidden away in the fabulous basement)!

Honestly, before even seeing the basement, I knew our house was "our house." The second we stepped into the "formal" living room, with it's wood floors and the fireplace with the wooden mantle, I pictured our family's stockings hanging. And I could already see the Christmas tree illuminating out the big bay window. It didn't just make sense for our family, it felt like our family. 

So after a lot of contracts, inspections, forms, more inspections, all that hubub, we're finally closing in on our closing date. (Fingers crossed) If all goes according to plan, the Chubby Vegan Clan will be homeowners THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. 

I know, right, we've got to be crazy! Not only will we be in a new home with less than a month until Christmas, we're not closing until the day before Thanksgiving and we hired movers for BLACK FRIDAY.

Guess who will be doing all her shopping on Cyber Monday? This Chubby Vegan Mom right here! 

So pardon us for being so busy lately, buying a home really requires a lot of effort. I mean like so much. Do you even know how many papers you have to sign just to ATTEMPT to get to the closing table? Like 70 bajillion. And well, we haven't made it to the closing table just yet, so I don't have the slightest idea what we're going to be dealing with there. 

Nevertheless, I think it's safe to assume we're going to have our hands full over the next few days. (You know, with boxes, packing peanuts, tape, all that essential stuff for moving). 

Hence the title of this blog and why we'll be skimping for our Thanksgiving feast this year. Seriously, we have a tradition every year of doing something completely different, completely homemade and way over top. From peeling a trillion baby pearl onions to making our own roast, we've tackled a lot over the last few years. 

This year, well, it'll certainly be unique, but it'll be a lot less than homemade. 

We're going the 100-percent sell out route. We've bought a turkey-less turkey and stuffing kit from Trader Joes, we'll be throwing together a run-of-the-mill stuffing (because they never give you enough in those kits) and just because it's already way too carb heavy, we're going to make a cauliflower mash. 

I haven't considered what we'll be doing for dessert yet, part of me really wants to tackle a pecan pie because I have yet to make one successfully (plus if I botch it I'll just blame it on the move!), but the other part of me knows I'll be a total stressball headcase already. 

What is your family doing for Thanksgiving this year?

And more importantly, what dessert will you be making!!?

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  1. We'll be making pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll and a pumpkin cheesecake. We're crazy about pumpkin!

  2. I'm the only one who likes pumpkin in my family so I'll just be making a pumpkin pudding pie. For the rest of the family I'll be making apple and cherry pies though!

  3. I am taking the easy way out. I am going to a friends and all I have to bring is the cranberry sauce. The downside is if I plan of going vegan, it will most likely be all I can eat!
    Congratulations on the house! The only thing crazier is moving the day the lease is up on your apartment and three days before your first kid is born.

    1. I can't imagine going through all that around moving day Kim! I'm looking forward to making our new home a home (for the next 30+years!). I haven't decided what dessert I'm going to do yet. Good luck with the cranberry sauce ;)