What do you want to see this VeganMofo?

I don't know if I'm crazy or if I just want another fun distraction in my life, but I went and did it again.

I signed up for VeganMofo. 

It's my third year now, so I hardly feel like a Mofo virgin, but there's still this overwhelmingly wonderful and exciting rush I get from starting to plan it all out. 

In case you missed the news, VeganMofo will be September this year. 

I know, right? 

That means I've got a little over two weeks to cook up all the recipes I'm going to cook up for ya'll. 

And because I'm no VeganMofo newbie, I've decided to follow and utterly rich and famous theme this year. 

Food inspired by our favorite television shows. 

That's right, every day we'll fix up a fabulous dish from a favorite show, either old or new. 

Unfortunately for most of you, I've been watching a lot of reruns on Netflix. They include things like Melrose Place and Saved by the Bell. 

So that's where you dear fans come in.

I don't want to bore you with my trashy television tastes, so leave me a comment and let me know what favorite shows do you want to see highlighted during VeganMofo. 

That, or stay-tuned for a lot of Aaron Spelling driven dramas!

Are you participating in VeganMofo?


  1. omg pleaseeee do Melrose Place! That would be so cool!

  2. If you follow through with the Aaron Spelling dramas I demand 90210! Maybe peach pie from the peach pit? =)

  3. Definitely should do 2 broke girls. You love cupcakes anyway!

  4. What about some old classic shows like The Addams Family, or Gilligan's Island , or the Beverly Hillbillies ( not sure what you could do with that one!lol!). Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. Yes what about one of those old nick at night shows? Leave it to Beaver or The Patty Duke show! That would be so fun!

  6. How about some old cartoons like Bugs Bunny or one of those Saturday morning ones? I love cartoons! (The old ones, the ones today are terrible!)

  7. I know its old, but when I was wee I used to love the Cosby Show. I'm A moFo virgin and as a vegetarian I am participating this year. I don't have a theme though, unless of course you count spices - I love chilli.

  8. How about a vegan friendly "cat" recipe in honor of Mr. Gordon Shumway, aka Alf, aka the greatest show in the history of television! So it has been said, so shall it be done! I am salivating with eager anticipation!

  9. I am not doing MOFO, but I am so impressed with those of you that do!! My favorite shows are: drama - Person of Interest, and comedy - Bob's Burgers. Let's see what inspires you from those! :-)

  10. I love this theme. Something from Mad Men or Revenge or Scandal.... oh my list could just go on and on. I'm doing Vegan MoFo again as well however my creative juices aren't flowing so I think I'm just going to do desserts. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  11. 1. Love your blog
    2. What is Vegan MOFO?
    3. Classic Trek? Little House? Buffy? Firefly? Due South?


  12. Kim!
    1. Thank you so much! I love the love!
    2. It's the "Vegan Month of Food." You can check it out at www.veganmofo.com, our search the hashtag #veganmofo on Twitter or Facebook. All us cooky vegan/veg/veg curious bloggers will spend the entire month of September cooking, blogging and talking about vegan food. Some of us have themes, some of us just cook to our heart's content. It's too late to sign up now, but I recommend checking out that website because it'll turn you onto hoards of awesome blogs!
    3. Little House on the Prairie, what an awesome idea!! :D