It's not even September and VeganMoFo is kicking my butt!

Well friends, we're getting all our ducks in a row here in the Chubby Vegan Mom kitchen. The VeganMofo this year is proving to be a much bigger production than ever before. The first year I was just dipping my toes in the water, I made breakfast one week, lunch, dinner and desserts of course. Last year I got really wild and crazy and cooked everything in a crockpot (I'm seriously convinced we should all cook from crockpots, every meal, forever).

And this year, we're raising our expectations and making some dishes inspired by your favorite television shows, my favorite shows, basically everybody but Chubby Vegan Dad's favorite television shows. Sorry babe, ALF will not be making a comeback on this blog.

I've started laying out our month of delicious food and let me tell you, we're going to have our hands full. The good news is that our stomachs will be too, so no complaining, right? I'll be using the following theme all month long, so make sure you pop over to Chubby Vegan Mom if you happen to like any of the following days: Moody Monday's (these will be dramas, mystery, crazy actiony shit), Trashy Tuesdays (this will be all the shows you're embarrassed to admit you watch), Wildcard Wednesday (could be a comedy, could be a reality show!), Throwback Thursday (these will be a nod to old school shows) and Fab Five Fridays (I'll highlight ALL the awesome things I see my fellow vegans cooking up).

I'm not one to giveaway all my secrets, but in case you want a glimpse into some of the awesome dishes we'll be cooking up, let me just leave you with a few currently in the works: beer batter maple 'bacon' spring cupcakes inspired by two broke girls, whiskey cake right out of the True Blood bar, Merlots and a carrot coconut soup Ginger and the gang from Gilligan's would be proud of.

Don't worry, that's not all the fun we'll be having. Stay tuned for some of your favorite shows too, Breaking Bad, The Simpsons and more! And we'll be giving away lots of fabulous things, so mark your calendars and get ready. VeganMoFo is almost upon us.

What themes are you guys doing, if any? Or what themes are you excited about! I need to start my blog reading list now!

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  1. beer maple bacon cupcakes? I'm so there.

  2. Wow your theme sounds so fun, this year I'm not doing a theme I want my creative side to run wild.

  3. WOW! That sounds so neat! I figured out what Vegan MoFo was too late to sign up, but I will still try and post recipes. I am a new vegan so I am looking forward to trying your stuff.

  4. Whiskey cake! Yum. I don't currently have a television, but there are quite a few Simpsons episodes I can recite pretty much by heart. Looking forward to seeing what you make!