So there's progress ... and then there's stabby lady part pains

Here's the good news.

I had a doctors appointment today (39 weeks, holy moly!) and all the stabby, knife-to-my-lady-parts pains and aches have actually been well warranted, I'm dilated 2-3 cm, completely thinned out and Baby B's head is about as low as it can get without actually being born.

Yay, all these crazy feelings and pressure haven't just been completely in my head (or my nether regions for that matter)!

Oh and I lost my mucus plug (yum!), that was confirmed at my doctors appointment after peeing in the cup for the 100th time. (Ahh the mucus plug, the pregnancy gift that keeps on giving).

Here's the bad news.

In the land of pregnancy, this really doesn't mean a whole lot. Sure, I'm excited that my body is getting a head start on all the gross realities of labor, but ultimately, this doesn't mean that I'm any more likely to have this big ole' baby boy tonight vs two weeks from now. (Much to the dismay of my very excited friends, all waiting to be the "call" I make when I'm in said labor).

I know, I know, perhaps I sound a bit like a negative Nelly, but my daughter Pearyn is full-on proof that dilation doesn't really mean a whole lot unless it's a big number and accompanied by actual regular contractions. On my actual due date with her I wasn't even a fingertip dilated, I was high, closed and no where near thinning out.

Five days and 10 cms later my little girl was a member of the outside world.

So see, you can go from no signs of labor to actually having said child in your arms in the matter of five days.

I'm going to try and not get my hopes up. With all the issues I've faced this pregnancy, I kind of had this odd feeling that he'd be early. In fact, I didn't even entertain the idea that I'd still be giant, bitchy, grumpy pregnant once Christmas rolled around. And now, I'm finding it to be an all-too-real reality.

I'm going to anticipate a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day baby, mainly because I was there for my nephew's birth nearly five years ago this Christmas Eve. Not only did I get peed on by the birthday boy himself, I was there to hold my sister-in-law's leg and watch her and my brother become parents.

So I figure since our daughter's already share a birthday (like same day, year and 15 minutes apart), our boys might as well share the date. That and Baby B needs to release some sort of bodily fluid on her, for payback.

In other news, I've been baking a lot of muffins in preparation for his arrival. From protein pumpkin ones to apple oat, I want to make sure we have something little, something semi-healthy and something my daughter will devour in the event I don't feel like cooking for months after his birth. I tackled six different dozens the other night and will hope to freeze some breakfast biscuits before he makes his debut as well.

Although, if he decides to come in the next five minutes I'm OK with that too.

We've gotten his diaper bag ready, a diaper bag I didn't even plan on having I should mention. We were planning on using the one we used with our daughter, and just carting around double the stuff for two kids.

Well thanks to my chatty mother who made friends with an incredibly talented and creative woman in Georgia (one with a sweet spot for sons because of her own), she graciously asked my mother if she could send us a "little something."

Our little something arrived over a week ago and included an AWESOME crochet diaper bag (complete with tons of pockets), a blanket AND a hat. I highly suggest you look her up on Facebook at Laurel's Creative Creations, not only are her things super unique, they're SO well made. I can't wait to cart all of Baby B's stuff around in my one-of-a-kind diaper bag.

We also took the annual Chubby Vegan Clan Christmas photo, I haven't mailed them out yet, so you'll have to settle for a few outtakes instead. Needless to say, our little Pearyn did NOT want to cooperate.

So let's hear it ladies, with one week until my due date and Christmas closing in, how on Earth am I going to get this little guy on the move?


  1. SEX! What usually gets you into the situation will get you out of it! ;)

  2. Good luck! Really hope it all goes well. I had my little girl at 38 weeks in May, so there was not much anticipation (apart from the 3 days in labour) - I was surprised she came 'early'. Christmas love to you all x