How I spent my Chubby Vegan Easter

You may or may not remember back in July I started to explore my spiritual side. While I definitely have a strong faith system (I truly, truly believe there is a much bigger plan out there for all of us), my belief system waivers. I'm not sure I can get on board with everything the Christian faith has to offer (I don't want to treat religion like Burger King and just 'have it my way,'), if I'm going to believe in something I want to really, truly believe in it, not just parts of it. Through my husbands journey with Buddhism I've been able to invest some time and thought into some of the lesser-followed faiths in America, but ultimately, I have yet to fully commit.
We're leaning towards taking Pearyn to both Sunday service AND temple time for my husband's beliefs.

So when it comes to our Chubby Vegan Easter, we celebrated the Hallmark, doesn't mean anything, not related to Christianity version. Perhaps we shouldn't even call it Easter, we'll call it a very Chubby Vegan Bunny Day instead. (I'm not trying to insult any Christians here, I respect your beliefs and wanted to make it clear that I realize the 'traditional' meaning of Easter has nothing to do with plastic eggs and bunnies).

It was candy galore. Instead of ordering some super delicious (but super pricey) chocolates from the Internet this year, I decided I would tackle candy making. From white chocolate oreo cookie butterfly pops and peanut butter cups to straight up vegan Cadbury eggs, we're all still trying to come down from the sugar high that was our very Chubby Vegan Easter.

And if you're wondering, this was by far the best decision I ever made. Not only was it way more cost effective (I used three bags of Enjoy Life chocolate chips and two bags of vegan white chocolate chips, and spent about $10 total buying the chocolate molds I used), it was so much fun to be able to come up with my own creations. And the look on my husbands face when he saw the peanut butter cups I made was absolutely priceless. I recommend this method to any and everyone. Quit buying your candy and start making it!

I plan on posting recipes (well, more like instructions because most of the ingredients are pretty self-explanatory ... chocolate, duh) in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I'd just like you to bask in the glory that was our Chubby Vegan Easter.

I can't lie though, the realistic look of the Cadbury eggs did turn me off a bit. I was really, really excited I was able to achieve a realistic vegan version, but the sugary yolk was less than pleasing to my eye after five years of not eating eggs. I had a few friends comment on why we'd eat candy that looked so much like the real thing - and I admit I had some hesitation as well, because it really, really looked like an egg - but ultimately I decided if I didn't have qualms eating a veggie burger or a soy chicken tender that I shouldn't discriminate candy.

In addition to an abundance of sweets (there were even carrot cake cupcakes that didn't even get photographed because we inhaled them), we had a royal feast as well. We made vegan "hams" using a spin-off recipe of our crock pot roast by adding some pineapple juice and liquid smoke to flavor (recipe to come later), plus some good ole-fashioned potato salad and baked macaroni and cheese.

Seriously, I'm going to have to exercise for the next three months to work off the weight I gained from our very Chubby Vegan Easter.

Pearyn also had an astounding time opening up her Easter basket. We followed the tradition we started last year and instead of just stuffing it with the crazed amount of candy I made, we got her a new pair of super cute shoes and a book (tackling potty training because that's our next big venture), plus a Daisy Duck watch, some vegan jelly beans and a bunny rabbit Mr. Potato Head (compliments of Chubby Vegan Dad, we have one for every.holiday.under.the.sun).

All and all it was a beautiful day. It's the holiday season that really makes me feel like an adult, a mom and a wife. Five years ago I would have spent this weekend hungover and stuffing my face, but now I spend it making chocolate and baking more dishes than I have hands for.

And I wouldn't change one single thing.

Happy Chubby Vegan Bunny Day, from our clan to yours, whether you celebrate Easter, bunnies or something else, I hope it was filled with love, friends and family (because what good weekend isn't)!

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  1. What a beautiful family photo! I can't wait for the recipes. Pearyn has gorgeous blue eyes ( like her mom).