I've resorted to living in the dark ages ...

Well friends, something awful has happened.

My HTC Evo Shift, is dead.


For the third time ... in six months.

I know, you're all "Wow, this girl has broken a expensive piece of technology three times in six months, she should probably get a Jitterbug and call it a day."

But it's not my fault this time, not really, anyway.

The first time I completely admit to leaving it on the roof of my car and then maybe, possibly, running it over a tiny bit. Who knew that could break a phone?

But the times following, nothing catastrophic really happened to the phone. It wasn't run over with something weighing more than 1,000 pounds and I didn't take it swimming with me. I just sort of dropped it and the inside screen cracked or I dropped it and the outside screen cracked, or, it just fried itself because technology hates me.

Thank goodness for insurance, even if it only covers up to three phones over a 12-month span.

Truthfully though, I've never broken a phone. Ever. I've always made it to the two-year contract renewal time with said phone not only in place, but functioning completely properly.

So finally, with the passing of my fourth phone, my husband and I made the decision that I shouldn't have that one anymore. Luckily I was eligible for an early upgrade, but now I have to sit around and wait for that upgrade to take effect, in 24-48 hours. I haven't had a functioning phone since Saturday.

Do you even remember what life was like pre-phone? Because I didn't.

It must have been really, really peaceful and dull though.

So here's what I've learned during my two, going on three-day vacation from my phone (AKA my third hand or 11th finger because I seriously used it that much).

For starters, the peace and quiet are nice, for like 11 seconds, and then, you want to look something up really quick while you're in the car and you can't. Or when you're in the kitchen and too lazy to go to the laptop. Or when you're at your parents house and don't want to rely on their dinosaur-speed internet. Or when you're laying in bed and again, just don't want to move.

Yeah, it's nice to have a break from the eight million texts and emails I get in a day (not to mention the 42 calls my mother makes to me to make sure I know it's going to rain, snow, be warm, foggy or that she had a feeling I might be dead -- thanks mom). But it's really, really hard to stalk all my Facebook friends without my little handheld monitoring system.

And seriously, how do people without phones know what the temperature is going to be? Do you watch the news or something? Because while I get up early enough to watch the news, I'd rather dedicate my mornings to watching reruns of "Boy Meets World" and "Winx Club." I'd rather just give my phone a little tap and find out whether I need to warm the car up before I have to drop my child off somewhere.

Most importantly though, how am I going to upload photos of all the stupid things my child does in a day to my blog? I mean, sure, I have a big fancy camera now that captures gorgeous images, but if I want to upload those to my computer I've got to take out the SD card and put it in the laptop slot and THEN upload it.
That's just absolute nonsense when my phone could just upload them to whatever in two seconds.

There are a plethora of other reasons I miss having my phone, responsible ones even, like what happens if I get stranded in the mile-long drive to my parents house, how will I call them to let them know I'm alive, not to mention the need to actually be able to contact someone when I need to.

I guess the valuable lesson I've learned is this: either buy an indestructible phone, have a back up or remember and embrace exactly what life was like pre-cell phone.

Who am I kidding, I think I'll just get a backup.

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