Have a holly jolly Christmas

Santa was way too good to the Chubby Vegan Clan this year.

I can't even begin to tell you how spoiled Pearyn was. From a new baby doll that talks and cries (thanks a lot memaw -- that's what Pearyn calls my mom) to a very real, very authentic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, our little girl's Christmas was nothing short of amazing. My parents even got her a high chair, play pin and stroller set to use with her new talking and crying (again, thanks a lot memaw) baby doll.

Have I mentioned how awing it is to watch my 19-month-old daughter be a mommy? It's both frightening and breathtaking what happens when human instincts take over. She finds her baby, her Elmo -- heck, any stuffed animal she can get her hands on -- then puts them night night with a pillow and blankie. Of course she doesn't forget to give them a goodnight kiss, in addition to both rocking and singing them to sleep.

I have the proudest 19-month-old mommy around.

Considering my epic shortcomings as a mother at times, it's reassuring to know she's picking up good habits from somewhere or someone (thanks, A LOT memaw).

You just don't understand what Christmas is until you have a child to share it with. I was too enarmored with my daughter's excitement to bother opening my own gifts.

But I was blessed too -- and not just with a beautiful family to share the holiday with -- but with a husband who knows what to get his wife; exactly what she doesn't know she needs. I received an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, made from recycled tires purse, in addition to DVDs, gift cards and an absolutely gorgeous loaf pan.

You know you're an adult when you start asking for bakeware and other boring necessities. I can hardly wait to bake my first batch of lentil loaf. See? The loaf pan (er, ceramic dish) -- the gift that keeps on giving.

My husband didn't get overlooked, however. He got plenty of football fan attire, hot sauce and the first Walking Dead Compendium (a gift I now regret because every night after work I lose him to graphic novel zombies).

See what I mean? Ridiculously blessed.

We also received an Android tablet -- as a family gift -- although I think Pearyn and I use it the most. What can I say? We ladies love our technology. We got it for a steal and I can't recommend the Acer Iconia A500 more -- especially if you're looking for a champagne tablet (iPad) on a beer budget.

Because of the abundance and a tad on the extravagant side nature of our Christmas (not to mention Pearyn's mountain of toys overwhelming our living room), I'm looking for any and all tips you have on keeping your Christmas' in line.

How do you avoid going off the deep end -- or do you?

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  1. Every year I say "We're going smaller this year" and every year it's smaller but not quite where I'd like it to be. In fact, when I told the kids I was going smaller this year they said "Yep. You say that every year, mom." My retort was "But this year I mean it!" LOL. I will say I spent less money and I'm happy with the gifts we gave and received. We took a mini vacation right after the holiday and I think we are going to try and take more of those instead of buying as many gifts. But I do say that every year ;)