Nothing like the holidays to bring out the crazy

I know what you're thinking. 

It's Wednesday, I haven't posted in like 100 years (or six days, whichever), I was supposed to be "getting real" and then I just crapped out on you.

Well, what can I say, nothing like "getting real" with some real realness. Life got in the way. Unpacking, holiday shopping, decorating and all the other duties of being a working mom and wife took over. I got burnt out and exhausted, so the last thing I could think about was writing all you fine people a summary on how much of my day I spent being fake.

Which as we learned last week, is a lot more than we all thought. 

I'm proud to say we've pretty much wrapped up our Christmas shopping, get it, "wrapped up." Ha. Aside from a few miscellaneous stocking items for Pearyn and my gift for Chubby Vegan Dad, we have checked off everyone else on our Christmas list. Hip hip hurray?

We even have a plan for our holiday photo cards we send out every year -- and guess what folks, the 2011 is going to be a doozy. Yes, I did just say doozy. It's midnight and I'm running on five hours of sleep from the night before. We're doing a photo theme to the ever-popular Christmas song "Nuttin for Christmas." It promises to be a good time. Heck, any song that starts out "I broke my bat on Johnny's head" has to be a good time, right? 

And in true Chubby Vegan Family fashion, we also picked out our Christmas jammies. Pearyn and I had a pajama party and sported some of our favorite threads, including her cupcake set and my snowman pants and a tank top. What can I say, we like our pajamas in this household.

The holiday spirit has seemed to escape us this year. One minute we're totally digging the Thanksgiving and Christmas vibe, the next we're cursing and shaking our fists at everyone (yes, like we're 75 years old). If I had to be honest, I think it was the ridiculous extortion of Pearyn's beloved deluxe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset that put me over the edge. It was listed on the Disney website for $59.95, but sold out in basically a minute. (Am I the only one who didn't know things could see out on the website?). So we were forced to scavenge other places for it, which basically meant paying more than double the price of it on eBay.

Nothing says Christmas like turning a profit on a toy designed for a three-seven year old. Thanks, no, serious, thanks so much jerk faces. I love being reminded on a constant basis just how insanely greedy our nation is. 

Bah hum bug.

OK, that's it, we have family coming in tomorrow and A LOT of cooking to do over the next few days. I'm going to turn in (and check my attitude at the blog).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, I hope it's as turkey-free and delicious as ours is (details to come!)


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  1. Happy thanksgiving to you, too (slightly late, I know...)