Like mother, like daughter

There's really no easing into this topic.

My 18-month-old daughter, Pearyn, is a complete and utter weirdo.

She wears her pajamas all day (OK, I can't really blame her on that one), eats with a ladle, wears her winter hat indoors and speaking of 'doors,' she licks them. And her hand. And the dog. And basically anything she can get her hand (er .. tongue) on.

At not even two years old, she has this amazing little personality. Toddlers are the definition of "getting real" if you ask me. They don't know to be embarrassed or self conscious, which in turn, means they don't have a reason to be fake, try to be cool or try to fit in. They're these bundles of completely pure, innocent, naive and untarnished little humans. They're 100 percent real and absolutely perfect without even trying to be.

Now, on a completely "real" side note, sometimes I am astonished and completely ashamed by my ability to be too serious, too realistic and just no fun. On really bad days, I have to fight the urge to spoil my daughter's carefree spirit. When I'm completely drowning in bills, responsibilities and woes, I find myself envious of my daughter's whimsy to a point of jealous and borderline spoil-sport. I don't ever want to be the cause of my daughter's neurosis, so if I'm being truly "real" here, I should probably make myself a note to stop being such a caustic bitch every now and then.

On a completely unrelated note, we're slowly gaining control over our home. Our counters are visible and our dinner table is set up. The living room is pretty much a disaster area though, so don't worry, I'm not going all responsible and clean on you.

And while we're talking about weirdo, here are a few "get real" Chubby Vegan Mom moments from my adventure cooking dinner tonight. Please note I STILL haven't styled my bangs once in four posts now. Yay lazy Chubby Vegan Mom!

Is it really any wonder where my precious little P gets her quirky, endearing and completely off-the-wall crazy attitude from? I suppose it's true ... like mother, like daughter.

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