Because I'm real, lazy and real lazy

I was a seriously busy bee today.

I got lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping done today, which may not sound like much, but when you're carting an 18-month-old around to said shopping, it is. A lot. A lot a lot. Especially when one of those stops includes a trip to Toys'R'Us, aka crack for toddlers. Everywhere we turned there was Mickey Mouse something, books, games, dvds, toilet paper (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit there), which meant I had to move through the aisles really, really fast. Like speed of light fast, to avoid a meltdown from Pearyn.

We did, however, get her a Mickey Mouse stocking. I plan on keeping it until she's 18 and absolutely detests Mickey Mouse and everything he stands for. Isn't it nice how I'm already planning on torturing my teen and she's not even out of diapers yet?

But I can't lie (especially during my 'get real' week), she was a real trooper. She hardly threw any fits and she definitely kept a smile on my face. So I got her more Mickey Mouse stuff, of course, because good parents feed their children's obsession. I just hope this loving Mickey phase lasts long enough to get our money out of all these things.

And then, while Pearn was taking a late nap, I got dinner ready. Baked coconut lime tofu with sesame ginger broccoli. If I weren't being real I'd probably tell you it was delicious, but it wasn't. Well, Chubby Vegan Dad said it was amazing and he could eat it every day, so I guess the real truth is, I'm just really, really picky when it comes to tofu. Don't get me wrong. I can put back a lot of tofu when it's lightly friend and thrown in some vegan yellow curry with potatoes and carrots. We're talking serious.tofu. But when it's me, squeezing the water out of the tofu with 150 napkins and then cutting it up, letting it soak in frothy coconut milk and then baking it for a bajillion hours to evaporate that marinade, well then, I don't like it so much.

The broccoli was good though.

But the tofu, I ate three bites of it and then pawned the rest off on my daughter and Chubby Vegan Dad.

I know what you're thinking, 'but Chubby Vegan Mom," that doesn't look like a Chubby Vegan Meal. It's not folks, it was actually incredibly healthy. If I made more meals like this a week (and less lentil "cheeseburger" and onion rings), I'd probably be above-average Vegan Mom.

But as you can or can't see from my super organized meal plan (assorted with Pear's breakfasts throughout the week of either oatmeal or coconut yogurt, sometimes we get crazy and give her waffles), we don't eat tofu very often. We eat tempeh plants, lentil burgers and fries, Indian with homemade naan (drool), tomato barley risotto with sauteed mushrooms, "cheezy" chick pea casserole and sweet potato and black bean enchiladas. Those, my friends, are the kind of meals that make Chubby Vegan Mom, chubby.

So to balance out all that broccoli and three bites of tofu I ate, I had a mini ice cream sandwich and like 14 cookies. OK, I'm exaggerating again, I had 19.

I thought to be incredibly "real" I'd include a snapshot of that freezer my ice cream sandwich came from. This probably wouldn't be picture worthy if we didn't have a random glass of ice (used to be water I'm thinking) and a hot dog bun just hanging out by themselves. And one of Pearyn's old binkies. We're cool like that. I feel like our freezer would make a good seek and find.

That's all I got today folks. In fact, I fell asleep on the couch at 9 p.m. watching football with my husband. I don't have a creative word left in my body and I've still got an opinion column to write for the Saturday paper by noon tomorrow.

Maybe I'll "get real" in it too.

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