Five Fabulous Friday things to do before summer is over

Apparently summer is almost over.

Actually, for some students in the area it already is (if you happen to be a parent to one of those unlucky, already-back-at-school students, consider this a "Five Fabulous Friday Ways to pretend summer ISN'T over").

We've had an incredibly awesome summer in the T Household.

We spent Saturday mornings having coffee with female family members, went to weddings all over the place, saw fireworks in Missouri and made numerous trips to the pool and park.

So with our super busy summer winding down, we decided to compile a list of our Five Favorite Fabulous things we did over the last three months! While our road trip to visit family three states away was certainly worth it, it might not be plausible for everyone in this short amount of time, so we picked easy, must-do activities.

No. 1) Read a good book. It doesn't matter if it's Dr.Seuss, "The Babysitter's Club" or the Sookie Stackhouse novels, just read something. Not only is it super important to encourage your child to read, it's imperative that they see YOU doing it. So take the next few days to nestle down with your children and snuggle up to a good book.

No. 2) Get outside! Whether you're headed to the park, the pool or simply on a walk, take the next few days off to enjoy the outdoors with your child. Tired of the same old thing? Go on a nature walk! Most  parks have awesome trails already marked off and you can go exploring with your child to find different bugs, leaves and flowers. Not only will you help them learn about the world around them, children who spend lots of time outdoors develop an appreciation for Mother Nature. Now that's something we DEFINITELY need!

No. 3) Go for a swim. Don't want to spend all day at a crowded pool? No problem! Just plop your little one in the sink. OK, I'm kidding. Pack up your suntan lotion, towels, snacks and other swimming essentials and make the trip to your local pool (whether you want to deal with the crowds or not). While you squeeze in some last-minute bonding time with your little one, you can rest assure that they'll tucker themselves out AND you'll get a tan in the process! Sounds like an OK way to spend the day to me!

No. 4) Wear some tie dye! It's bright, it's colorful and nothing says summer like tie dye. Don't want to spend the money for a super eco-friendly tie dye kit? Make your own natural dyes using things like avocado skins, carrot tops and blueberries! Search google for natural tie dye recipes to find out more. Don't want to deal with dye at all? A visit to your local thrift store is sure to turn up some cheap tie-dye deals.

No. 5) Sit down and have an AWESOME conversation. It doesn't matter if you're talking about the weather, the theory of relativity or vegan corn dogs. Just do it. Sit down with you spouse, child, family or friends and ask them how they're doing. Put away the cell phones, turn off the TVs, lap tops, radios and tablets. The key thing here is to talk without any interruption (especially of the technological variety).

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