A face lift, tummy tuck and a dollop of botox

You might be a little confused.

Something looks different right? Where are all the cute purple cupcakes and why are they no longer for Pearyn?

After six months of testing the waters with "Cupcakes for Pearyn," I decided it was time to give the blog a face lift (and a tummy tuck and heck, why not some botox too so we could iron out all those wrinkles). While both the cupcakes and Pearyn will continue to be underlying themes of this blog, they won't be the entirity. 

Instead, we're going to focus on my adventures as not only a vegan and a mom, but a Chubby Vegan Mom. 

Maybe you're not quite certain what a vegan is, no problem, feel free to peruse the Chubby Vegan FAQs list I've put together. Still unsure about something? No problem! Shoot me an email at amanda@chubbyveganmom.com and I'll make sure to address it. 

Perhaps you want to know what is so special about being a vegan mom or what exactly makes me a chubby one? Feel free to familiarize yourself with A Mighty Chubby Disclaimer and get the low down on vegan stereotypes.

Or maybe you just want to see the pounds behind the Chubby Vegan Mom? For that I'd like to introduce you to My Chubby Vegan Clan, because I think we all know it's our crazy family that makes us put on the most weight (that or the cupcakes, whichever). 

From time to time I'm going to challenge YOU to incorporate a little compassion into your menu. But don't worry, I won't send you off blind, I'll provide a map through the Bountiful BreakfastsIt's what's for dinnerSneaky Sides and Desserts to Die for labels on the right hand side of the blog. They're simple and delicious recipes anyone can enjoy, whether your a hardcore meat-eater or full-fledged grass grazer.

But fear not Cupcakes for Pearyn readers, you'll still get your fair share of Fab Five Fridays and Family Sunday Fundays.

Now that we've got that out of the way, feel free to browse the site and get to know everything else. Be on the lookout for a special entry soon with details on how you can win your own copy of the Skinny Bitch's Ultimate Everyday Cookbook.

Because hey, Chubby Vegan Moms need a little Skinny Bitch in their lives too.

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