Three days of Family Sunday Fundays!

This week's Family Sunday Funday is coming in a little late.

But for once, I actually have a great reason to be neglecting my blog.

The T clan packed their bags, duffel bags, diaper bags and coolers and left on a jet plane, OK, not really, we loaded up our Hamster-mobile (10 points to the first person who gets that reference) and made the six  seven-and-a-half-hour trek (it literally took us an hour to make it through the last 12 miles of Indiana because apparently some moron thought it was an awesome idea to take a major highway down to one lane for six miles whilst not doing one damn bit of work) to visit the Mizzou Stews (my brother and his family).

But boy was it worth it.

So instead of having just one good old fashioned Family Sunday Funday, this holiday weekend was more like  Family Saturday, Sunday, Monday Funday.

It literally melts my heart to watch my little girl playing with her cousins. And she is absolutely enamored by her big cousin Eli. And she's finally warming up to her twin cousin (who is a bit more on the daring, grabby side). This trip was full of tons of family fun and actually very few meltdowns. Between a trip to the pool, zoo (look for a separate blog post on this topic, which is a hotbed for debate in the vegan community), a parade and fireworks, the T clan and the Mizzou Stews made quite the memories in just three days.

We didn't get in until about 11:30 p.m. Friday night, Pearyn was cranky and didn't want to even consider sleeping in her play pin, so she crashed the bed with mommy and daddy for the first time. (I know it's a horrible habit to get into, but she's never slept in our bed with us so it was kind of cozy to have the whole family together for one night).

Pear loves to hang with her big cousin Eli. And by hang I mean follow around like his little shadow. Despite not being able to get any alone time this weekend due to his stalker Pearyn, he was in great spirits and did an amazing job with her!

Even though it literally rained on our parade, we didn't let that get in the way of our Family Monday Funday.

Waiting for the fireworks curbside with my big brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. Ry was kind enough to juggle taking this photo and making sure Pearyn didn't try to go home with another family.

Pear's first firework show was a success. She was captivated by the bright lights, not too crazy about the loud bangs, but overall loved seeing the display with her whole family. (Especially when that includes snuggling with daddy).

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