Simply raw or just plain lazy?

I'm not really one for diets. (As evidenced by my body weight and sugar consumption).

I am, however, incredibly lazy.

Honestly, I'm one of those people who could spend all day in their pajamas and not even blink an eye. I actually feel accomplished when I manage to meal plan, make dinner AND do the dishes - in the same day.

And unless it's a really complex baking project I've thrown myself into, my recipes could be right out of a "Vegan cooking for Dummies" book.

So the other night I was contemplating ways I could make meal times easier and healthier - sort of a more rush, less fuss type meal.

And it hit me. (No seriously, a tomato rolled right off the table and landed on my big toe).

I should explore the raw diet.

At first I was tempted to sign myself up for a 30-day challenge, but then I remembered my disdain for most vegetables raw and the fact that I have a 14 month old who's still honing her chewing skills and a husband who eats like a bird most of the day anyway, so he may or may not be pretty attached to an actual "hot meal" once a day.

That, and I'm a rare breed of chubby vegan, so if I really tried to restrict myself to all raw, all day, all month, I'd probably fail miserably. And then, out of sheer guilt and frustration for failing my "challenge," I'd eat the entire contents of my freezer and gain a bunch of weight.

So instead of diving right in, I've decided to tip-toe into the frigid raw waters, one meal, one day, at a time.

Long gone are my days of bean and "cheese" burritos for lunch; I'm replacing them with salads, gazpacho and nuts.

Here's to hopefully a little more health - and less time slaving over a hot oven.

This is what you call a "crisper" drawer. It's going to keep my lunch nice and "crisp" all week!

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  1. I've been trying to do at least one raw meal a day myself! Have you tried juicing? Its a great way to get fruits and veggies too. Anything that can help me in that department, I'm all for it!