Five Fabulous Friday reasons to take a dip

I'm not sure where you are, but if it's anywhere near me you're probably suffering in the Heat Death Wave of 2011 as well. (Yippee!)

With temperatures soaring above 100 and the heat index 10 degrees past that, these last few weeks have been utterly miserable. (I'm already dreading my energy bill this month).

And while it's been slightly too-scary-hot to let Pearyn play outside for an extended period of time in this heat death, one of our favorite things to do this summer is taking a dip in the pool.

While I wasn't much of a water-obsessed child myself, Pearyn seems to have a knack for swimming already. I can hardly wait to sign her up for swim lessons. (Someone remind me, I need to get on that ASAP).

As if the ridiculously warm temps isn't enough encouragement to get you into a nice, cool pool, let these five fabulous reasons guide you.

No. 1) Have you seen how cute baby swimsuits are? Crazy adorable. From bucket hats, surferesque wet suits to frilly one pieces and shark fin hoods, you can get your fill of precious at the water park. Just try not to overdose on all that adorableness.

No. 2) ANYONE can enjoy a dip in the pool! From Pearyn's itty bitty cousin Chloe, to my three-and-a-half-year-old nephew, to my 26-year-old self, we've all had a blast at the pool this summer. This is one activity kids and parents can really enjoy together. Afraid of the water? No problem! When you're the parent of a tiny child you spend most of your time in the baby pool anyway!

No. 3) It's an activity the whole family can do together. Recently my cousin Rebecca, her almost six-month-old Chloe, my other cousin Micki who doesn't even have a child, my friend and her 16-month-old son and Pearyn and myself made a trip to the community pool. It didn't matter that my cousin didn't have a child in tote, she had so much fun splashing around with the other little ones and the mommies were able to get a two-second break every now and then while Micki soaked up the joy of looking good with a baby, but not having to fuss with one.

My favorite part? When Micki was holding little Chloe another mommy swam up and asked how old her daughter was. Micki just stared at her blankly, not quite realizing that this woman thought Chloe was actually her daughter. It probably looked a little funny when I chimed in with her age.

No. 4) It gets you off your butt and out doing something. When the summer heat sets in it's really easy and tempting to stay in the air all day parked in front of the television (don't get me wrong, when it's 110 out there you probably should soak up the ac), but it's not really good for you or your little ones. Going to the pool is an easy way to get yourself out of the house and enjoying outside with your family. Not to mention it's pretty easy to stay cool when you're chasing your little one around the water!

No. 5) While the super awesome sun-kissed glow you can rock after being out in the sun is pretty fabulous, your little one's hair is even better. I know this seems like a pretty silly reason to go swimming, but Pearyn gets the BEST beach hair ever after spending a few hours at the pool. We're talking a really sweet faux-hawk and some seriously blonde curls. She's got all the right attributes to become a surf babe in the future!

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