Five FAB reasons having a kind-of toddler isn't terrible (or two, yet)

The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Between spending the long holiday weekend with my family and my brother's family under one roof (and the super sadness and loneliness which came as a result of leaving them) and getting ready for my new job on Monday, I'm not sure I've really grasped all the changes enveloping my life.

(Note to self, delishness of vegan nachos with Daiya Cheese and So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream with NEVER change). 

I'm so pumped for my job, which I'm hoping is going to help me balance my desire to have a "career," but to be an involved mommy as well. A career and a child, two things I've had a hard time marrying in the past, one always seemed to invade the other.

But even with all these great changes, sometimes I get stuck thinking about how scary and possibly bad said changes could be. For instance, I spent most of this week moping around my house making sad faces at Pearyn's baby book because an ENTIRE year of my first child's life has passed in what feels like a week. How is it possible my baby isn't a "baby" anymore?

So in an effort to turn around my self-indulgent sadness and hop on the positivity train, today's Fab Five Friday will celebrate all the reasons my baby not being a "baby" anymore is awesome. 

No. 1) She can feed herself. OK, so she won't be cutting up her own vegan roast anytime soon, but I can cut a banana into slices, put it in a bowl and give it to her and at least 90% ends up in her belly. (The whereabouts of the other 10% are still unknown, but I'm willing to bet they were fed to our border collie mix, Karma). Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly adventurous, I give her peas and cubed tofu to carry around. Gasp!

No. 2) She puts herself to sleep. No, seriously, she just randomly falls asleep now. She's like a little narcoleptic. And on top of snoozing at any given time, she actually picks up her blankies, heads for her bedroom door, points and grunts until we come over and put her to bed. Now that's what you call a good sleeper.

No. 3) She gets excited over actual things, not just butterflies or the air. After discovering a Christmas card loaded with cash from Grandma T, we decided to get P a piggy bank to keep her stash in. Despite having a savings-type account already in place for our little girl, we decided having her own piggy bank will be a good way to teach her about responsibility with money later in life. At any rate, she's so excited by her bank that she wouldn't even hold still for a pic!

No. 4) She's testing her limits. Don't get me wrong - most days, I'm convinced my daughter is going to think her name is actually "No Pearyn" because I say it so frequently. It gets exhausting trying to decide what battle to pick with my little girl. Do I let her sneak behind the ottoman and play with dangerous, inappropriate objects? Is that the hill I want to die on? It seems like lately she's really testing the waters - not to mention our patience - and albeit it's a tad bit on the annoying side, it's amazing to see the way little human beings develop, 100 no's at a time.

No. 5) I can't wait to see what she'll do next. Truth be told, little babies are kind of boring anyway. Of course, when Pearyn was two months old and all she could do was cry, burp and poop, I still thought she was the most astounding creature alive. But now, being the mom to a 14 month old, I've learned how much cooler babies become. Now, instead of just crying, burping and pooping (although, she still does all of these things quite a bit), she runs, giggles, plays peek-a-boo and blows kisses. She brings me a book and sits down, waiting for me to read it. At just a little over a year old she's finally discovering ways to express love and even better, she's figuring out just how much we have for her.

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