A really tiny, itty bitty human being

Before our little girl blessed our lives, Ryan and I used to discuss what our child would be like. Whether she'd be sweet or feisty, girly or a tom boy, what her sense of humor would be - or if she'd even have one. And when I pictured all those things, I think I was picturing Pearyn when she was a good four or five years old, not when she was 13 months old.

They really do become mini little humans, don't they?

Even though she's still trying to figure out this whole communication thing (although, she's trying really hard to say things like 'thank you' and 'doggy'), she's making her likes, dislikes, feelings and opinions known.

So far we've come to a few conclusions:

Pearyn seems to be interested in purses
Small clutches- well - mommy's small clutches to be exact
It's official. She's a TOTAL girl.
Besides learning that she's really into pulling things in and out of a purse (which she's gotten really, really good at - in fact, I think daddy might have to buy her a little purse of her own soon), she's also conquering some pesky motor skills, like coloring.

She's kind of obsessed with crayons, as in has to hold all of them at one time in each hand and refuses to put them down, even though it's incredibly difficult to control any of them. Oh, and she's really pumped about her Spongebob coloring book too.

You have to concentrate extra hard when you're trying to color with four crayons at once

And sometimes you have to taste them to make sure they work OK ...

But if mommy says 'no' then we just throw a little tantrum.
Did I mention she also has her mother's temper? Yeah, the super fun tantrums have started too. You know, the kind where she stiffens her body like she's a statue, flails her arms like she's trying to fly and then curls her lips out and wails? Yeah, she's doing those too.

I can't wait until she figures out how to use her words to describe her feelings instead of her actions.

Then again, I know a few adults myself who have yet to learn this talent.

Fingers crossed :)

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