Paying homage to a delicious little restaurant - Fab Five Friday style

Something absolutely amazing happened Thursday.

A restaurant focused on fresh, local foods and good prices with VEGAN options opened up not just in my city, but within walking distance to me. (And trust me folks, walking distance to me is like five minutes, because, well, I'm lazy).

It's called Amicis Place and is seriously the best thing to happen to Dayton since sliced bread. (Actually, I'm not really all that impressed with sliced bread, it's cool and all, so in my opinion this little restaurant might be even better).

Seeing as how I dined there for lunch with a friend on opening day AND convinced my husband to get pizza from there tonight (so I could "test out" the dinner options), I figured it seemed suitable to dedicate this Fab Five Friday to this awesome new place!

No. 1) The FOOD! I cannot convey how ridiculously tasty and awesome the food Amicis Place is serving looks! From the Soysage Hoagie (complete with peppers, onions and vegan cheese) to the pizza (homemade multigrain crust AND homemade sauce, topped with - you guessed it - vegan cheese), I'm convinced that any and everything on their menu has to be this good. Trust me, it's often hard for nonvegan restaurants to get vegan food right, so this place is super special.

No. 2) The people. We're talking friendly customers (well, so far, in the two days I've been there and the two days they've been open) and employees who go above and beyond. Even though Amicis ran into a few bumps on opening day, the servers and owner kept us aware of what was going on and made sure we were completely happy while waiting on the kinks to get worked out. If you're delusional and the food doesn't bring you back, the people will.

No. 3) The style. It's got a laid-back atmosphere and sleek, but simple design. With a modern interior and an awesome patio/deck area (that has Jack Johnson frequenting the radio), there's a little something to suit anyone's taste. (Not to mention a bar inside for those Margarita Monday needs).

No. 4) They're a business with a conscience. Besides catering to the cruelty-free consumers, this restaurant boasts completely compostable cups and to-go containers made from sugar cane fibers. And when it's in season, Amicis Place even hosts a local farmer's market in the field beside them as a way to source as much local produce as possible. How awesome is that?

No. 5) The menu! Talk about a variety of foods to select. From vegan benedict breakfast to stuffed soysage mushrooms and wraps stuffed with soyrizo, this local gem provides something delicious for any vegan craving, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Side note: my husband is trying really hard to convince me to get up early enough and head over to Amicis for breakfast on Sunday morning and honestly, my stomach just might beat out my need for sleep this time).

How is it possible that we can afford to eat pricey vegan restaurant food two days in a row? Simple. The prices at Amicis Place are more than fair. I actually did a double take when I saw my soysage hoagie and chips priced at a mere $6.50.

Vegans, omnivores and picky eaters alike, do yourselves a BIG favor and check out Amicis Place at 1122 E. Dorothy Lane. You'll be very, very happy with your decision. 

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  1. I am in total agreement with everything you said. I am so excited about this place. I have tried lots already, and my goal is to try everything on the menu. So far, everything is like you said: ridiculously tasty!!