Invasion of the tofu kind

Read it and weep, meat lovers. Not only is our bean curd better for your heart, it's filled with vitamin, protein and other mineral goodness.

We've converted another. 

OK. Not really. But we can proudly boast that we've turned a full-fledged, chicken nugget devouring family onto tofu.

OK. Not really. But their 15-month-old son totally digs it. And I have to admit that I did smile pretty big when my friend texted me to let me know that her son had in fact turned down a chicken nugget for a bowl of delicious tofu. (Earlier that day he'd picked a banana over said chicken nugget, so maybe he's just got something against meat in nugget form, who knows. 

At any rate, their growing boy is getting 80 calories chock full of Vitamin B12 & B6, not to mention 8 grams of protein, a little Vitamin D, iron and calcium. Oh, and did I mention, NO cholesterol?

I know, I know. He's a toddler (sorry Crystal, he's a young, 15-month-old toddler), so do we really need to be concerned with how much cholesterol he's taking in? Maybe not.

But it can't hurt. With a jumble of heart, high blood pressure and cancer risks between my husband and I's families alone, you can generally find me preaching this whole "no cholesterol" perk of a vegan diet to strangers in a store. 

Is my friend's son suddenly a vegan because he ate some cubed tofu? Heck no. Does it mean he's never going to eat a hamburger or a chicken nugget in the future? Probably not. But here's an example of a mother who is willing to try something a little different with her son (a food, which, albeit having great protein and vitamins doesn't really look all that appealing in its 'au natural' form) to assure he's getting what he needs.

 And the best part about it? She didn't just go to the store and pick up some pediasure for him to drink, blaming her "picky eater" as the reason she had to give her son a liquid diet, she found a way to get him to chew, swallow and digest all those vitamins in minerals.

What could be better? 

Well, maybe a trip to the splash park. 

The two tofu lovers enjoy a good spray
Pear might be part fish, she LOVES the water

And if that doesn't do it ... an ice, cold root beer will.

Got ya! This can is totally empty. 

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