The first of many Family Sunday Fundays!

Today the T clain celebrated something super special - our two-year wedding anniversary. OK, so Pearyn, the tiniest T basically had no idea that today was anything out of the ordinary, but we still tried to make it a special day for the family.

We had a pretty relaxing day visiting with my parents. Ryan had some special bonding time with my parents over-sized horse great dane, Bailey, while Pearyn and I got a couple side dishes ready for our planned cookout. We also tried Luna Burgers (aka Heaven on a bun) for the first time and most definitely not the last. These little bean and oat burgers are prepped right here in the Buckeye State and they were worth every penny and more.

To kick off Family Sunday Fundays, the T clan convinced my parents to head outside for a game of cornhole. Note to self: don't play against my father and husband with my mother as my partner EVER again - we got our butts kicked.

After just a few instructions from grandma, Pearyn seemed to have a pretty strong grasp on how to play the game. Although, she did have a difficult time following the whole "don't cross the board" boundaries rule. But other than that, I'm pretty sure we have ourselves a future cornhole champ here.

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