A Family Sunday Funday walk in the park

My family and Sundays have a lot in common.

For starters, it's one of the only days Ryan and I have off together.

And additionally, it's one of the only days my mother, Ryan and I have off together.

And lastly, it's one of the only days my father, mother, Ryan and I have off together.

I consider myself an incredibly lucky person because I got to grow up with one set of grandparents nextdoor and the other a mere 10 minutes away. That meant summers spent with my cousins and grandma and grandpas, lunches of spaghettios and lots of kickball.

Before I even had my beautiful little girl, I knew I wanted to be surrounded by family. Growing up with a host of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins played an integral role in my childhood. So it was incredibly important to me that my daughter (and any other future children for that matter) was able to grow up with the same sort of babydom. 

That being said, our Sundays are generally spent visiting with my parents and watching Pearyn flood their living room with toys. The best feeling in the world? Knowing she feels right at home there. She wiggles her little finger "no no" at the three giant great danes if they get in her way and she dives right into the toy basket.

If I decided to runaway to Canada, I'm pretty sure Pearyn would choose my mom over me. This may or may not be directly related to grandma introducing Pear's very first ice cream cone to her.

After a day of more Luna Burgers and leftovers, we ended our Family Sunday Funday with a trip to a local park. 

I'm pretty sure Pear's favorite thing to do is swing, but she seems pretty partial to the slide too.

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