The Fab Five reasons guideparents rock

The T Clan packed up our little hamster car and hit the road for Memorial Day weekend. We celebrated Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in northern Ohio with Pearyn's guideparents (aka, my husband's best best best friend and fiance).

They're basically the coolest people we know.

So I figured what better way to thank them for their hospitality than to dedicate the Fab Five Friday to the many, many reasons they are so awesome.

No. 1) They're crazy animal lovers like us. It's no secret that my husband and I are animal obsessed (hence why we don't eat them), but Pearyn's Guideparents are like on steroids when it comes to their dedication to animals. They have three of the cutest, craziest pups a family could have, but somehow the utter chaos just works.

Although, it doesn't hurt to have a gate to keep them at bay every now and then.

What on Earth is she looking at?
Just Brutus ... nothing to see here
Even Pearyn doesn't want to get close to Oliver.

No. 2) Not only do they share our love of furry, four-legged creatures, one of Pear's guideparents is an extreme, tofu-eating, vegan like our little T clan. The best part about being vegan and going to visit a vegan? There's always something in the fridge to eat. Pearyn feasted on veggie burgers, peanut butter and jelly galore and other delicious vegan staples. Needless to say, our stomachs left very full and very happy.

No. 3) Since they're basically our second family, we get to be a part of their actual family as well. This includes hanging around Momma and Poppa Hartzell's house for a super scrumptious cookout, followed by a dip in the pool (for Pearyn anyway). This also means when we have to attend say, a mandatory birthday party at the bar, we have a built-in babysitter that loves and snuggles our little girl as much as we would. 

No. 4) Because they treat Pearyn like she's their own, they also get her gifts like she's their own. And while I'm not greedy in the slightest, the wagon they got our little girl for her first birthday is by far the coolest, sweetest set of wheels any one-year-old could have. Between a cooler built into the seat, one attached to the side, cubby holes and compartments everywhere and an umbrella, this is the kind of wagon a one year old AND adults can enjoy. See below. 

No. 5) The last and maybe most important reason Pearyn's guideparents are totally awesome is pretty simple. It's because they're them. They are two of the most loving, caring and amazing people anyone could have in their lives. They're the people you can laugh with, cry with, sit on the couch and do nothing with, but it still feels like you had the best time. And the fact that our little girl gets to have such outstanding individuals to turn to for guidance throughout her life helps me sleep a little easier at night.

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