There's no black and white when it comes to veganism

Pearyn had her one-year check up today. She wasn't exactly enthused about getting up this early, especially when it's to go to the doctor. Doesn't show at all, right?

I should mention that we have like the best doctor ever. I mean seriously ever. He's not just respectful of our choice to raise Pearyn as a dirty hippie baby (I mean, vegan), he's supportive. He doesn't dare look at me like I have a third eye when I say she has two to three glasses of hemp (what on Earth is that??) or coconut milk a day, not to mention a sprinkle of flaxseeds in her oatmeal or a sloppy joe of lentils.

Plus, he doesn't push the whole vaccination thing on us like most of the other doctors do. (Seriously, I think a few almost committed me when I was pregnant with Pearyn and admitted I didn't -- I repeat, didn't -- get the swine flu vaccine). He talks to us about the risks, weighs the pros against the cons and advises us not just as a medical professional, but as a father who recognizes vaccines in general go against our vegan beliefs. (A large majority of them contain animal ingredients, not to mention are painfully and cruelly tested on animals).

 But before you go all "call child protective services on these people.", there are certain vaccines we have decided to include as part of our daughter's care, despite our conflicted moral beliefs. We will always put the well being of our daughter over everything else.

And before you super-duper, all-natural, no doctors involved moms go all "that's not right you're a hypocrite and your baby is going to be a slow developer" and this or that on me, our daughter is perfectly healthy and meeting her milestones at the right time, if not way before she's supposed to.

Running and carrying two balls? Now that's talent.

We decided to go ahead and have her blood drawn to test all her levels, iron and whatnot. We were on the fence about having such a not-so-fun-to-watch procedure performed on our little girl, but in the end we decided we'd feel a lot better (and I'm sure all of our naysayers would as well) if we went ahead and confirmed that she's literally as healthy as a horse (is it vegan to use animal cliches?).

In other news, our itty-bitty, string bean of a daughter has broken the 20lb mark! She's 20.05 lbs and 31 inches tall to be exact. She's even in a heftier weight class, moving up from merely the "25th percentile" to the "25-50th percentile." Height wise she's still on track for her yearly progress, hovering just under the 99th percentile.

We came home and daddy mowed the lawn, while Pearyn played with her new sunglasses grandma bought her. She's getting really good at putting them on, leaving them on and then pushing them up on her head like mommy wears them. I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty sure she already knows she's too cool for school in her shades.

Have I mentioned lately how hard it is to be a parent these days? And not even just a parent, but a vegan one? It seems like nearly every day we're faced with a situation which forces us to choose between our way of life and "everything else." Sometimes, although I wish it was, being a "vegan" isn't as black and white as it seems.

Case and point: vaccinations.

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  1. You guys are obviously great parents, and Pearyn is amazing. Keep doing what you're doing, and know you've always got support!