A second helping of the Fab Five Friday ... Sunday edition.

In my defense, I did actually type this blog and edit the photos on Friday.

And in my computer's defense, I'm sure it didn't really intend to crash 16 times while I tried to post it. So with it being the weekend before the twin cousin's double birthday bash, I decided to salvage what was left of my sanity and take a break from my computer.

OK, really, I was just afraid I'd break it.

With Pearyn's actual day of birth looming (and my emotional breakdown not far behind it), I decided to devote this Fab Five Friday list to the reasons my daughter turning one year old isn't the end of the world.

Although, I'm still not really convinced.

No. 1: Watching her become her own little person. She's no longer a little blog of baby relying on my every whim to entertain and amuse her. She does her own thing now and it might be the most refreshing thing in the world to watch a baby just be herself... or at least learn who that is.

No. 2: She can feed herself, well, fruit loops anyhow. Now that Pearyn is grasping hand-to-mouth control, this mom gets to use both of hers for the same.

No. 3: The presents! OK, honestly, it's not the presents at all. It's watching Pearyn see something totally new to her for the first time. Take for instance her early birthday present from grandma and grandpa, a Cars couch. It's the perfect Pearyn-sized perch for her to play on, but it took her a good six hours before she could actually figure out what it was for.

No. 4: She's making friends. While she doesn't have any idea what the word even means yet (and well, lets face it, some people actually never really do), she's actually starting to realize that there are some people she likes a little more than others. Babies have a completely unbiased approach to life at this age (and very little reason), so everything they feel is completely raw and unbiased. Of course, sharing puffs with her certainly doesn't hurt.

No. 5: She's not a teeny, weeny, fragile, oh no I might break her at any moment, baby. While this is partially the reason I'm on the brink of a breakdown, it's something I should be celebrating because she's slowly creeping out of the scary phase. While her running around like a mad woman convinced everyone and every thing is chasing her might result in a few bumps or bruises here and there, I can let her run around like this crazy person in a diaper and rest easy that she's not freezing, overheating or going to ruin her dainty baby skin. Now ... I just have to be on the lookout for broken bones and stitches.

Well, and maybe boys too, because we all know they're far more dangerous than a few stitches here and there.

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