It's another Fab Five Friday ... on a FRIDAY (gasp!)

I'm quite the multi-tasker today. Currently, I'm blogging, in the process of making dinner and making sure Pearyn doesn't die. It's a pretty tough job, but I figure since I went to the trouble of birthing her I should probably feed her (and of course make sure she lives to eat the food I've prepared).

Tonight it's a spaghetti bake, using Daiya (the most amazing vegan cheese in all the world, no dairy, no soy, I'm convinced it's made of rainbows and hugs) and the new Tofutti Ricotta cheese! Correction, I don't know if the ricotta is actually new, but it's new to our health food store.

So today's Fab Five Friday will celebrate the reasons it's so awesome to have such a curious child (one that's so adventurous you have to watch out for her well being at nearly every moment)!

No. 1: She does new things ALL the time. In one week alone she's already tackled climbing up on the furniture (I have a feeling broken bones and stitches aren't far off), giving mommy and daddy kisses (albeit open-mouthed, really drooly ones) and feeding herself. It's not that any of these one things is super amazing or advanced, it's just the fact that she has these spurts where she does a million new things in such a short time!

No. 2: She finds things I've lost (or didn't know I've lost). Earlier today I noticed Pearyn was eating something. It was whitish-yellowish and looked kind of like a french fry. Only, we hadn't had a french fry of that caliber in a LONG while. After determining it wasn't a mold-riddled fry, I discovered it was actually a veggie straw (a delicious hybrid of potato chip and vegetable stick) that I had dropped somewhere during the week. I let her eat it, because, well, I obviously had to take a photo of her and I'm a firm believer that a little dirt won't hurt.

No. 3: She keeps mommy on a diet. OK, she doesn't actually keep me on a diet, although maybe it's something you could train a child to do? But she does steal Oreo's from me when I'm laying on the floor noshing on them. There's a good 60 calories she "took for the team."

No. 4: She runs from you. No seriously, she thinks literally everything is chasing her (even my parent's crazy ancient cat that couldn't run if his life depended on it). If you happen to be walking in her direction, she turns like a mad woman and runs to the next closest person or safety point. And while the whole running away from you thing isn't exactly all that special, she has this high-pitched squeal on the verge of a cackle that she lets out as you come. I could listen to that sound every single day.

No. 5: She reminds you of how important the little things are. All it takes to amuse this tiny little human is a pair of fingers "running" across the floor and up her body (she really loses it if you do this while singing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'). In the mornings after I've changed her butt and gotten her food ready, I tell her we're going to eat breakfast and she runs to her mini couch and waits for me. Between spooning soy yogurt or oatmeal into her mouth I gulp down coffee and we watch "Crashbox," her favorite morning cartoon. These small, ordinary, everyday moments are usually the ones I love the most. Just sipping on some coffee and watching my girl watch the world.

What could be better?

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