Fab Five Friday -- the Sunday edition

I have approximately 9 minutes to type up this blog and get it in on a Sunday -- which is a mere 48 hours late as opposed to typing it up and posting in on Monday (72 hours late).

With news of Osama bin Laden's death painted across every possible news outlet (even my Facebook friends are informing me of the latest updates), I've decided this Fab Five Friday (Sunday edition) will celebrate the most influential things that have happened in Pearyn's first year of life.

No. 1: Osama bin Laden's death. Duh. With the 10th anniversary of September 11 just around the corner, it only seems fitting that one of the men suspected to be behind the horrific attacks would be killed on the cusp of it. It's one of those moments that Pearyn is going to ask me if I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news, kind of like the President Kennedy fiasco.

No. 2: Her beautiful, 15-minute younger cousin was born in Missouri. Hey, just because it may not make headline news doesn't mean it wasn't ridiculously important to our little family. Often times, cousins are the first best friends you have!

No. 3: Japan; the natural disaster heard round the world. The fact that nature can grow, evolve and build so much only to tear it down all on its own in mere seconds is incredibly frightening. I find myself wondering what on Earth I would do if faced with this sort of crisis.

No. 4: August 30, it's the day I officially became a member of the work-from-home club (all thanks to my good friend Cynthia). Once again, it's certainly not going to be a topic of Twitter for anyone later, but the day I decided to walk away from my kick-ass job with the newspaper (and my equally kick-ass TDN family) to take an even more kick-ass job with my friend's company, was a HUGE turning point in my whole "being a mom" gig. One day, Pearyn is going to thank me for it. Or be ridiculously sick of me. Either or.

No. 5: The Oil Spill. OK. So Pearyn technically wasn't an air-breathing member of society for this absolute catastrophe, but she was a card-carrying member of the womb. And she probably had ears and all that jazz by the time this tragedy struck, so I'm going to count this big oops as the last of the Sunday edition of the not-so-Fab-Five list.

And on a completely unrelated Fab Five Friday note:

Pearyn really, REALLY, likes her own feet. A lot.

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