If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Do they always grow up this fast?

It feels like Pearyn went through a massive growth spurt last week, and I'm not talking about physically, I mean like marathon-milestone meeting. In the matter of a week, my daughter took her first steps, started shaking her head 'no' (I'm not so sure I'm going to be a fan of this one in the future), learned how to make funny noises by taking her hand to her mouth and humming, started clapping and finally figured out the physics required to tilt her sippy cup all by herself and get a drink.

What's next? Driving, getting married and having her own babies?

Ok, maybe I'm jumping a few steps here.

In addition to her latest accomplishments, Pearyn appears to be showing a real interest in golf. That is if you can count banging her plastic clubs on anything and everything (including her own head) an "interest."

Personally, I'd be more than ecstatic if Pearyn decided to pursue golf. The outfits are pretty cute, good girl golfers can get some really kick ass scholarships for college and well, they can always nab a hot male golfer to marry if it doesn't work out. (I think that comment just put me on a feminist's "watch" list).

Ryan and I have talked about this on several occasions, what hobbies and interests we hope for our little girl to have in the future. Considering I spent my life playing softball and continue to help young girls do so today, it goes without saying that we'd be over-the-top excited if she asks for a ball glove someday (I don't care if it's blue, pink or puke green). While golf and softball would probably be our top picks, I can probably muster up a smile for field hockey, volleyball, dance, gymnastics and maybe, just maybe, cheerleading (shudder).

The only hobbies I'm really rooting against are soccer, basketball and marching band. Trust me, I will completely support our little girl if she decides these activities are her calling, I just happen to know absolutely nothing about any of these except they involve a lot of running or a whole lot of repetitive marching.

Really I just want her to do something that makes her happy (and of course I'd like it to be legal and good for her. While booze and promiscuous sex might make some people happy, it's not exactly the healthiest of hobbies). Basically, I don't want to turn into one of those overbearing parent's that forces their child to compete in a variety of sports they have no desire to in a desparate attempt to live vicariously through them. And let's be honest; we've all been to high school, it wasn't that great, so who really wants to relive that awkwardness again?

Although, if she did share our interest with the whole not eating, wearing or using animals thing, it would probably save us a lot of future arguments.


  1. Marching Band, as odd as it feels for me to say it, isn't really as "nerdy" as people think. There's a lot of drill and ceremony that goes into it (along with learning to play an instrument) that helps increase discipline and professionalism. Of the people I went through Basic Training and served with, most of the time, it was the marching band (and, strangely enough, the one cheerleader) that had their acts together. I'm not saying that I wish Pearyn would join the Army, I wouldn't wish that on anyone! But, it does look good in the long run.

    As far as I know, banging objects on everything, especially the head, shows interest in it. I still bang my sketch books on my head. Just make sure that is she goes the golf route, that she doesn't marry anyone named after a wild feline and some form or arbor plant life. Examples include Cougar Sequoia, Lynx Elms, and Liono Pinefresh. :P


  2. LOL Oh trust me, I remember the crazy long hours Fairmont's marching band would practice, that's really part of the reason I was hoping she wouldn't opt for it. I don't care if people think it's "geeky," (hell, golf is generally considered dull and boring), I just can't believe how much work it is (I don't think most people do, which is another downfall).

    And I think the ESPN style cheerleading is awesome! It's crazy athletic, I just don't like the usual crowd it goes with ... it seems like it's one of those activities where there's a lot of pressure to be this and that. (Well, that might just be high school in general lol).

    And I have to agree with the Tiger Woods reference (very nice btw lol), but at least Elin got a WHOLE lot of money out of it right?

    I'm pretty sure all of that sounds really cliche and judgemental, but I think you catch my drift ;)