Hurricane 'Maybe I should have another baby' strikes again

The last few weeks have taken quite a bit out of me. I don't know if it's the increasing momentum Pearyn approaches each day with or the teasing, beautiful and spring one day, cold and miserable the next, brutality of Ohio weather.

At any rate, this mommy is exhausted.

Pearyn is taking after her mommy and grandmother already. She can't stand to do just one thing anymore, but instead tackles multitasking with the ease of at least a toddler. She enjoys playing with her toys, being read to and watching the television all at one time. The good news is she's actually pretty good at doing several different things at once. The bad news is, she's actually pretty good at doing several different things at once.

Another baby cycle is coming to an end. In the last two weeks I think I know a total of 10 women who have given birth, with at least five more due by the end of the month. Has pregnancy always worked like this? Coming in waves, several moms popping out children within weeks of each other, and then there is a short dry spell, like the world is taking time to clear out the old and make way for the new.

With all this baby fever I've found myself flirting with the idea of a second child. Most days I feel like, "wow, you're pretty much delusional if you think you're ready to have another child - EVER, especially with your handful of a firstborn." But then, while browsing through new baby photos or talking with my close friend about her impending bundle of Joy (due in June), I find myself thinking "hey, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't suck at being a mom to two kids as much as I'm thinking I would."

I'm not so sure the rest of the world is on board with me, or even my own husband for that matter, but I think a little army of siblings would do Pearyn some good in preparing for her tofu-eating, man-made material wearing, cruelty free product using ways. Well, at least one more anyway. They could be a powerful vegan duo!
To celebrate St. Patricks Day last week, Grandma and I took Pearyn to the park for the first time.

In preparation for her big, active day, I decided to test out her first ponytail ever, which all and all amounted to an exaggerated "Pebbles" hairdo. But let's be honest, how could you say no to this adorable little face?

Her favorite thing seemed to be the big-girl swings, which basically entailed me swinging with Pearyn on my lap, while she would straighten her little body as stiff as a board to heighten the tummy rush and I'd try not to slip and kill my firstborn. All and all, it was a success.

We followed up the first trip to the park with a nice "green" meal, which was basically a scaled down version of mommy and daddy's with a little tofu thrown in. It builds bones.

She feasted on spinach mashed potatoes, cabbage roll casserole (sans the cabbage because I decided to heed the warning about the gassy, screamy-pants effect it has on babies) and some tofu in a light sauce. She ate every last bite of that plate too, in addition to a bite of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and a half a container of tangy tomato cheeto-esque baby snacks.

In between neglecting the blog and making sure Pearyn makes it through the day alive, we've faced our fair share of teething woes and spilled puffs, but on the eve of the weekly Tuesday playdate, I can't help but look forward to what tomorrow brings.

I'm hoping for a little of this.

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