Make time for something crispy

Sometimes, I'm not just "in the mood" for super unhealthy, greasy, fried foods.

Sometimes, I actually NEED super unhealthy, greasy, fried foods.

But because I'm trying really hard to keep my arteries clog free, I try not to cave to these cravings every time they come around.

This is hard for me though, because I'm one of those eaters who thinks it's OK to have a few greasy or overly-indulgent bites every now and then.

The answer to my mega unhealthy cravings?

We make lazy zucchini.

It's pretty similar to fried zucchini, but this is a super low maintenance recipe for that delicious golden coin.

Lazy Zucchini
(Serves 4)
2 zucchinis
2 cups flour (we use whole wheat)
1/2 cup almond milk (but really any milk alternative should work)
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)

Pour vegetable or canola oil into a skillet and heat on low-medium (I like to pour about 1/4 inch, I'll mention why later)
Pour two cups flour into a bowl or on a plate.
Cut zucchini into thin coins and lay on a plate.
Dip a zucchini coin into the milk alternative and then drop on flour, turning it over so a fine layer of flour/batter remains on it.
Drop into the oil and flip after cooking for a minute.

I personally like to use less oil to cook, which is why you have to flip the zucchini coins. This usually results in the loss of some flour batter, which in turn means a coating that's crispy and light, instead of greasy and heavy.

Yup, it's really THAT easy.
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