Willy Wonka eat your heart out

Meet Marianne and Hartz.

These are two of the most phenomenal people I've had the pleasure of knowing. They're full of love, share our compassion for four-legged (domesticated or not) friends and are the kind of family you choose. We may not share blood, but we might as well.

These are only a few of the reasons we chose them to be Pearyn's "Guideparents." What on Earth is a guideparent? It's similar to a "Godparent," but because my husband and I share different religious beliefs, we're focusing more on the "guide" part. We want a set of adults in Pearyn's life who not only help reinforce all the good we're trying to teach her, but inspire her to do even more. Another set of eyes to watch her grow and another place for her to call home.

As if the two weren't already perfect enough Guideparents, two days ago they checked that last box of our list of "couldn't-get-any-better."

Marianne and Hartz got engaged.

With loads of wedding dresses, cakes and bachelor/bachelorette parties in their future, I had to take a small amount of blog space to express how damn happy we are that he finally popped the question and what a positive impact this decision will have on Pearyn's life.

Marianne is going to make an honest man out of Hartz soon enough.

In further news, Pearyn had her first bite of chocolate pie this past weekend. (I know, I know, stone me later, it was a creamy texture and she was climbing up my leg to get a bite. She had plenty of exposure to all things chocolate in the womb, so I think this one time isn't going to make her an addict).

This chocolate pie to be exact.

This was a ridiculously decedent "campfire" pie, it's basically composed of just-crumbly-enough graham cracker pie crust, a far-too-rich chocolate "cream" filling and a perfectly-goopy marshmallow top. It ranks pretty high on my list of pies, mainly because it required about five ingredients, took five minutes to make and even less time to eat. This was the finale to our over-the-top vegan feast we made with our friends Jen and Kevin (our practically weekly, date night couple), and really the only thing I could snap a photo of because we had demolished the rest of our food.

Know what one of the best parts about having vegan couples to create feasts with? When it's 1 a.m. and you've worked up an appetite after an evening filled with board games, drinks and conversations, there's always something in the fridge you can all whip up to nosh on. Who needs Dennys when you have The T's? Between mini pizzas and corn dogs, we had all our bases covered.

Week one of sippy cup transition isn't really going anywhere. We have yet to progress past the "chew on the tip and crawl around with the sippy cup" stage, but I got a tip from a veteran mommy friend to try "straw" sippy cups, so we're holding out for those. Pearyn, on the other hand, is pretty convinced she should just move onto daddy's water bottles.

Between a welcome proposal and a really, really good chocolate pie (which you can find the recipe for under "Goodies") I'm happy to report life is pretty good right now.

But when chocolate pie is involved, how could it not be?

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