I tried to burn down the kitchen today, what'd you do?

It was simple enough really.

I was merely trying to boil some water when I inadvertently set one of the stove burners on fire. Apparently there was some leftover goodness from one of my other attempts at cooking (probably unsuccessful) stuck to the part of the burner that catches on fire, so there may or may not have been a small flame taking over my pot.

Luckily for me Pearyn was asleep and there was nothing good on the television, so rather than sitting in the living room waiting for my pasta to boil while my kitchen burned down I was able to tend to the small fire after noticing the smoke-filled room.

I grabbed a water-logged kitchen towel from the sink and tossed it on the little flame, not sure if that was what you actually do when fighting a fire, but it's what they do in the movies, so that had to be right, right?

I thought back to all that fire safety they teach you when you're like five (and shouldn't be playing with anything that can catch on fire anyhow), but all I could remember was to stop, drop and roll, which probably would have put the fire out, had I figured out how to successfully drop and roll on the stove without breaking it.

Surprisingly enough, dinner turned out pretty amazing considering my somewhat large snafu. Of course, it bears mentioning that dinner consisted of cooked veggies, sloppy joes and macaroni and cheese bites. The real standout being the macaroni and cheese bites, because I'm pretty much devoted to all things pasta and cheese, so this was basically the perfect marriage. And despite deviating from the hardly recipe I had scribbled on a piece of paper, I ended up whipping these things into ooey-gooey, bite-sized deliciousness. If you're feeling daring enough to flirt with a vegan recipe, this one is proudly posted on the "Goodies" page of my blog. Cue mouth water.

And since my attempt to burn down the kitchen was previously unsuccessful, I decided to tempt fate and bake a cake. It's a rare occasion that I use chocolate frosting (I usually thing it's too gloppy, heavy and rich, and that's my homemade recipe too), but today that so rich it almost induces nausea was exactly what I was in the mood for.

Cholesterol-ridden cake counterparts, eat your heart out. This spongy circle of perfectness is brought to you by the letter "F," as in flaxseeds, the ultimate egg replacer. And let's be honest, who doesn't want an extra dose of animal-free omega 3s in their dessert?

In further news, Pearyn is completely obsessed with her new sippy cup. While she doesn't have the slightest idea how to actually obtain liquid from it (because she hasn't really grasped the whole "tilting" concept of drinking fluids), that hasn't stopped her from chewing on the tip and attempting to take it with her everywhere she goes -- not to mention her howl-like shriek if you, Heaven forbid, try to take it away to wash it. So far she's pretty devoted to her vanilla almond milk, and I have to admit the frothy "milk" beard she has after dumping it all over her face is priceless.

This past Saturday was date night for my husband and I, and we were fortunate enough to spend it with two recently-turned vegan friends. It should probably be noted that we liked them just as much before they handed in their meat-eating, milk-drinking ways, we don't discriminate.

The best part about our date night? The snack food. Despite seeing a funny flick, eating a super yummy meal and sipping on a few martinis, the highlight of the evening was most definitely hoarding our stash of vegan-friendly snacks in our too-big purses and oversized coat pockets. (Don't you judge me, you take one look at that movie menu and find something that doesn't have meat, dairy or gelatin). Between the four of us we shared "gummy" worms, Sour Patch Kids, homemade buckeyes and Cajun sesame sticks -- we had all our bases covered -- from salty, to sour, to sweet.

I know, it sounds totally dorky that the best part of our night was eating teeth-rotting, empty-calorie garbage, but after years of sharing a soda and twizzlers with each other, it was refreshing to have another couple to trade with. The day we chose a cruelty-free lifestyle we handed in convenience. When you look at the big picture (the giant, gory, abusive, tortured animals picture), convenience is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
Except, will the 15-year-old Pearyn trying to fit in of the future see it this way?

Probably not.

I realize we have our hands full in the upcoming years, there will be several roads never traveled, battles never fought and more importantly, a lot of messy, teenage feelings. We can only hope that Pearyn will find a supportive network of friends with like-minded views, or at the very least, a partner in crime who's willing to sneak a snack in for her crazy vegan friend.


  1. Just wanted to say I am enjoying your blog. I saw your post on the babycenter vegetarian board and decided to check it out. My husband and I are vegetarian with an 11 month old little boy and we are trying to go vegan. I saw that you live in Ohio. I'm in Ohio too :)

  2. Wonderful Ohio! Have you been getting the snow we have? We're about an hour south of Columbus and have been hit with way too much of it lately! 11 months, not much older than my daughter, isn't it crazy how much they go through? She wants to eat any and every thing on our plate, which is getting hard because some of it is too chewy for her, it's going to be a challenge for sure!! :)