Sometimes, life is like a smashed up bag of $6 cookies

It's been roughly two weeks since I last wrote. I'm not even a month deep and I'm already neglecting my blog.

The truth is ... I've been neglecting a lot lately.

I'm still in my baking slump (and by slump I mean my bruised ego is still pouting and therefore I have yet to whip up a single thing since my disastrous attempt at the cupcakes which used to bake themselves). So when my sugar craving came calling, I did what any time-crunched, cupcake-baking drop out would do ... I went to the store.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you having difficulty figuring out what that kind-of round brown thing is up there in a sea of tiny brown pieces? Those are just my organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate chip cookies I blew $6 on. Oh, wait, you mean they're not supposed to come crumb-sized? Maybe the ones that aren't all smashed up cost more?

That's pretty much how the rest of my week went.

With Thanksgiving around the corner I've started my holiday shopping spree. I generally avoid Black Friday crowds (mainly because I don't have very many brave mommy friends willing to face 3 a.m. wake up calls with me) and either start shopping really early or just do it all online.

While out and about searching for the perfect gifts for all my loved ones, I came across this lovely display of humanity:

Now maybe it's just something new the store is trying out, but I'm pretty sure that mound of clothing is probably supposed to be hanging with all of its little friends on the racks above. But instead, some really awesome people came by, sifted through (and by the looks of it filmed some sort of fight scene for an action movie right where these clothes were hanging) and just decided they didn't feel like cleaning up their mess.

So try and cut all those snarky retail employees some slack, wouldn't you be cranky if you had to clean up after functioning adults all day?

Speaking of Black Friday, there actually is an item on Best Buy's crazy door buster ad that I was tempted to leave my cozy, warm bed for. My husband, although not the biggest fan of all this new-fangled technology, is jumping on the e-reader band wagon. Unlike his crazy counterpart (me) who is obsessed with the feel and smell of books, he'd prefer to stop spending hundreds of dollars on book shelves and overpriced hard backs.

The only thing stopping me from hopping in line with all the midnight crazies is my little human alarm clock.

A very large, non-motherly part of me fantasizes about the day Pearyn is a teenager. Just when she's old enough to want to start sleeping in, I'll sneak into her room and just start wailing, for absolutely no good reason. And then about 20 minutes after she falls asleep and gets comfortable, I'll do it again.

And maybe one more time after that too.

I imagine toting my six-month-old daughter  to the Black Friday Eve line up probably isn't a mother-of-the-year worthy move, regardless how handy she could come.

Personally, I figure she wakes me up around midnight and 3 or 4 a.m. as it is, so what's the difference if she does that while we're waiting outside a store to get a really good deal? If anything, perhaps her crying would scare off a few people ahead of me in line. I won't even have to worry about getting in line first, my daughter will annoy away all the early-risers.

Well, that is if someone doesn't call children services first.

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