The most popular butterfly on the block

It's already November.

In fact, it's been November for two days now.

In a mere eight days, my little girl will be six months old. I finally understand what everyone means about time flying when you raise a tiny human. Despite the fact that I think I'm actually awake for several more hours a day than I used to be (because my almost-six-month-old daughter can fight sleep with the best of them), it seems like everything has been a blur since I had Pearyn.

I've been meaning to start blogging since well, probably the conception of my little girl, but somehow things kept getting in the way. When I started along my vegan path three years ago, I never realized how it would impact the smallest facets of my life in such incredibly large ways.

Three days ago, my husband Ryan and I celebrated our first Halloween as parents. Of course we did what any first time parents do -- spent a ridiculous amount of money on a pink butterfly costume Pearyn would only wear once -- and bought far too much candy for the neighborhood kids.

Armed with our neon green pumpkin filled with hoards of animal crackers and gelatin-free peanut butter rice crispy treats, we donned our warmed attire and sat on the front porch to pass out candy with our little butterfly. Pearyn seemed to enjoy all the animated costumes, from scary zombies to pretty princesses. For the most part the kids didn't even give our organic, healthy treats a second glance. A few parents complimented our selection of non-traditional snacks, while a few more rolled their eyes and sneered.

You can't win them all I guess.

Lucky for our non-dairy, non-gelatin candy eating ways, our daughter was too young to partake in the actual act of trick or treating this year. This means for one year, we got to avoid the dilemma of what to do with all the non-vegan candy we'll face in years to come.

It surprises me when non-vegans ask what we're going to do about Halloween. Will we even let Pearyn go out and trick or treat since most of the loot she'll get will be riddled with animal products? Usually, I bite my tongue when "actually we're going to lock her up and not allow her to do anything that conflicts with veganism." wants to come out.

I understand veganism can be a little tricky. We adhere to a lifestyle that seeks to prevent as much animal cruelty as possible, but if we turned our backs to anything nonvegan, we'd have three friends and practically no where to shop or eat. If you think about it, nothing is 100 percent vegan. The grocery store I buy my produce from sells meat, milk and all sorts of animal-tested items. The clothing store I buy my cotton tees at sells suede and silk. And the car I drive may not have leather seats, but plenty of the other vehicles they offer do.

So fear not nonvegans, our "freaky-deaky" hippie baby will have the opportunity to enjoy Halloween just as much as your child.

And if you think about it, Pearyn will probably be the most popular kid on the block when she passes along all that chocolate we choose not to eat to all your kids instead :)

What holidays, if any, conflict with nonvegheads?

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