Can you crave something you've never had?

Today was a flurry of activity in our household ... aka ... laundry day. (And by laundry day I don't mean a select day once or twice a week where we gather all the dirty clothes in the house, wash them in a matter of hours and then fold them neatly in stacks and dispense them to the proper drawers).

Laundry day in our household goes a little something like this: I'm up ridiculously early changing Pearyn's diaper when I go to the drawer to meticulously (fumbling through a drawer in the middle of darkness) select another outfit for her. Suddenly, I realize I'm reaching into the drawer of despair ... it's empty.

Thankfully for Pearyn (and for me), my husband is pretty good about doing laundry every couple of days (which comes in handy when you have to change your daughter's outfits several times throughout the night because she can only sleep on her stomach, which also means there's about an inch of diaper to absorb pee instead of the entire thing).

So on laundry day, once I've discovered I'm in need of an outfit or seven, I usually shuffle to through the kitchen and down the basement steps with my half-naked, squirming daughter to retrieve said laundry. And although the plan is to quickly grab an outfit and go, I have to sort through her hoards of onesies until I select a giant armful that will get me through the next few days (because apparently it's too much work for me to make more than one trip to the basement).

Laundry day usually ends with every outfit my daughter owns winding up on top of her in her crib, pictured above, mainly because I don't have the energy any longer to sort through all of her outfits. It doesn't seem fair that my nearly-six-month-old daughter has more clothing than I do.

Of course, there are a few onesies that jump ship during the long journey from the basement, through the kitchen and then past the abyss that is my office, and while I'd like to say I wrangle up the stragglers right away and add them to my pile, they usually end up dotting the floor until I either fall on one or my husband picks them up and washes them all over again.

What will be the fate of these laundry day casualties? Only time will tell ...

Laundry day took place in about 20 minutes this morning, and after that my daughter and I were off to run errands (ending world hunger, creating world peace and going to the grocery, the usual).

Today's trip was inspired by my craving for pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and butterscotch glaze. And because I'm vegan, I get to make all of this from scratch - both a blessing and a curse. While sifting through a variety of flax seeds (an egg-cellent egg replacer, ahaha, I'm so corny), I came across something that nearly made me wet my pants I was so excited. (Because only cool kids wet their pants!)

Vegan "Nutella."

While it didn't actually say it was "vegan," the label did inform me that it was completely free of dairy, eggs, gelatin and ingredients derived from animal sources. All of this is just a nonchalant way of saying vegan without scaring all the folks out there who avoid cruelty-free like the plague. (Your precious Oreo's are vegan too ... haha, I'll ruin America's favorite cookie for you as well!)

I've been in search of vegan nutella for approximately two years and 364 days, basically every day since going vegan, except one (I think I was searching for a good cheese replacement that day). The worst part about my delicious animal-free chocolate hazelnut spread? The $9.99 price tag. Seriously? It has like four ingredients, how could that amount to $10?

I broke down and bought it because let's face it, I'm not strong enough to say no to my cravings. It's probably worth noting that I'd pay $20 for the tiny jar it's so delicious.

Regardless, it made me think about my daughter.
If my daughter is never exposed to "regular" milk, cheese, butter and all sorts of cholesterol-ridden foods, will she ever truly "crave" them. Or will she be so used to our freaky-deaky vegan ways that when she craves a cheeseburger she'll want a walnut "burger" and Daiya cheddar "cheese?"

What do you think moms and dads, is it possible to crave something you've never had?

Either way, it's nice to know my daughter won't have to live in a world without "Nutella" any longer ... thanks to a little product called "Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter."
Drool ... don't judge me until you've gone three years without a delicious Nutella-like spread.

What one food could you not live without?


  1. i've got nothing on the vegan front (since, while i respect and admire what you're doing, i would die without real cheese), but i did want to give you a tip about your night time diaper dilemma: with both kids, i have to use the huggies overnights, one size up from what they wear during the day. i tried the pampers overnights once bc i had a coupon, but they literally exploded gel balls all over 2 nights in a row). i've never had a problem with the huggies overnights. both kids sleep 14+ hours, and the diaper will weigh 10lbs in the morning, but the clothes and bedding are always dry. they're a little pricey, but you figure you're using 1, maybe 2 a night, so it's really not that bad.

    unless you cloth diaper, in which case, ignore my rambling. =]

  2. LOL I wish I had enough patience for the cloth diapering, because they have such cute wraps for them now. I think I might go insane though, and I'm not very good about doing laundry as it is :)

    I'll have to try the Huggies overnights out, that's a fabulous tip! We've been using Huggies naturals because they have some sort of recycled stuff that makes my husband feel more environmentally friendly (because apparently being vegan isn't enough for him lol :))

    We used the Pampers for the first week because that's what the hospital sent home with us and I wasn't impressed at all. Pearyn had the most God awful diaper rash that didn't go away forever!